Thursday, 8 February 2018

Recent Reads - Secrets from my Indian Family Kitchen

Once in a while I borrow cooking books from my local library to get some inspirations and this time I came across the Secrets from my Indian Family Kitchen by Anjali Pathak. 

Such a good find: delicious spice-inspired recipes plus little titbits from the famous Pathak family. After reading and skipping through pages I came across this paneer and broccoli recipe.

Loved the combination of spices and creamy paneer with refreshing broccoli. Vegetarian treat I am sure many of you will appreciate.

Secrets from my Indian Family Kitchen includes various recipes from light snacks, such as the Bombay nuts, Spiced chicken wings and Stuffed paneer bites, to bigger bites like Chilli beef with black pepper, Vegetable biriyani or the classic Chicken tikka masala. There are lovely dessert recipes too: the Baby apple tarte tatin with spiced caramel, Roast hazelnut and cardamon ice cream or Decadent chocolate truffles. I would say an amazing book of inspirations for everyone.

Have you had a pick through this one?

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