Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A big cosmetics clear out

Another beauty clear out left me with a small pile of new and unused cosmetics to dispose off. 

If you are following this blog, you know that I try to exercise a conscious spending approach, but it looks like my Glossybox "weakness" tends to leave me with things I don't really need. Being a blogger and a curious girl I do like to try something I wouldn't necessary buy and I do love to test new lines, but as you will see today still there is quite a bit, mostly make-up I don't have time to get my hands on.

I believe all of them are wonderful and I hope to find a caring and more appreciating home. This only proves that I experiment less with my make-up than skin/hair care. 

So, to make some use of all these and hopefully to gain something to buy a treat I really like, I have split items in to various groups and posted them on eBay for auction. You might still find some of them on my MWgift eBay shop. If they won't sell I am having a though to try the Shpock. It would be a shame to waste these cosmetics and I can't miss theis opportunity to explore a bit more of online selling. Have you used Shpock? What is your preferable selling platform for items to good to bin?

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