Saturday, 30 September 2017

Empty bottles: Burt's Bees, Nivea and Heathcote and Ivory

September is about to end and I have collected few empty bottles for you to share.

1. Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash. Favoured by me and used up by my son. This is a lovely, gentle, hypo-allergenic and plant-based wash. Didn't agree with us as a shampoo, but as a body wash it is wonderful. Doesn't strip and dry out the skin; keeps it soft, healthy and clean. 

2. Another little tube from Burt's Bees is the Intense Hydration Eye Cream with Clary Sage. It is surprisingly lightweight despite its name, has mild scent and leaves skin around the eyes soft and well hydrated.

3. Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. It is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin, but sadly I didn't find its formula as effective as before. This used to be my favourite budget buy, but too many of panda eye mornings are calling now for change.

4. Heathcote&Ivory Blush Rose Hand Lotion. Are you a rose scent fan? Delicately scented, a light textured lotion with glycerin, vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 is beautiful choice to keeps hands soothed and moisturised. I have another bottle to enjoy, this is definitely a lovely and refreshing treat I would recommend.

What is your September's beauty must have?

Saturday, 23 September 2017

SUKIN, Skincare that doesn't cost the Earth

Hello, my friends! I know it's been awhile since my last post. Life kept me busy, but recently I have an urge to write and a desire to share few new bits from my beauty world.

Today's heroes are three skin care products from SUKIN, an Australian natural skin care brand. SUKIN offers a complete natural face care range to bring out the best in your skin's radiance. Formulated using the best natural ingredients such as aloe vera and rose hip oil, the SUKIN facial care range assists in balancing the skin's oils, leaving it soft, nourished and hydrated.

I have a normal skin type, but being 30+ and pregnant I tend to navigate to sensitive and more hydrating skin care products. 

SUKIN Sensitive Cleansing Lotion is gentle and creamy; a perfect combination to cleanse and soothe delicate skin. I use it almost daily in my evening cleansing routine. I love the creamy texture, how lotion feels on my skin and its gentle scent. SUKIN Sensitive Cleansing Lotion is perfect for skin massage after a long and stressful day. Doesn't strip my skin of its natural oils, but does its work by removing impurities. I like to take it off with a warm face cloth and it is perfect parter to my FOREO LUNA.

SUKIN Sensitive Cleansing Lotion is suitable for normal to sensitive skin types. Contains cucumber, chamomile and aloe vera which soothe and hydrate dry skin, while blend of rosehip, jojoba, avocado oils with vitamin E help to leave skin feeling clean, soft and nourished.

SUKIN Restoring Argan Oil+ is my skin's little treat for over the night time. I am not shy of using an oil based skin care on my face and do believe that oils help to restore skin sebum's balance and hydrate on a deeper level. This is a natural blend of rich antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that help to nourish the skin. SUKIN Restoring Argain Oil+ contains maracuia, rosehip, jojoba, sunflower and wheat germ oils, which help to promote intense moisture to dehydrated skin; calendula flower extract and vitamin E assist to reduce the sign of aging and improve the texture of the skin.

SUKIN Restoring Argan Oil+ absorbs beautifully into skin and doesn't leave any fatty residue. I wake up in the morning with a lovely and soft skin without a trace of oil or any shine. I tend to warm up few drops in between my palms and massage oil gently into my face and neck. Oil has a soothing and light fragrance. It is suitable for all skin types. 

SUKIN Hydrating Facial Masque is another delight for my skin. I use it once a week alternating with a exfoliating facial mask. Masque has a lovely mango scent. It is creamy, soothing and hydrating. 

SUKIN Hydrating Facial Masque is rich in mango seed butter and a blend of avocado, olive fruit and jojoba oils, which help to nourish and provide intense moisture to the skin. Facial mask contains enzymes of papaya and pineapple, which nourish the complexion and impart fruit acids and vitamins, leaving skin feeling smooth with a healthy glow. This face mask is suitable for all skin types.

A lovely trio. Have you tried any from above? What is your favourite skin care treat from SUKIN?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Revlon Nail Enamel - Gray Suede - review and swatches

I am not sure how nail polish get's it name, but there is nothing gray about this one. Revlon Enamel in Gray Suede (705) is a lovely, pearly pink with a calm undertone. 

See the swatch for reference:

Personally I love lighter shades on my nails, because they suit almost anything I want to wear and they tend to last longer on my nails too. 

Beautiful shade to own and wear any time of the year. Nail polish is very liquidy, so takes few strokes to figure out how much you need to leave on the brush. Result is good, without streaks with a gentle shine. 

Colour lasted sadly only for two days on my nails, but most of nail polishes last only that long on my busy tips. I would give 5 stars for colour and 3 stars for lasting strength, so that makes it 4 stars out of 5 for Revlon Nail Enamel Gray Suede. Not a perfection, but will enjoy it for many months to come.

What is your favourite Revlon shade? Does it last long?

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Empty bottles: Vitamasques and Decleor

I saved two empties for you to review: hydro face mask from Vitamasques and Decleor hydrating oil serum.

1. Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask Rose of Jericho. I never bothered to keep an empty pack of a single mask for review, just because I felt that I have nothing special to share. Until now. Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask Rose of Jericho stands out and I just couldn't bin the empty pack without sharing it with you. What impressed me the most is the quality of face pack material; it has the best feel and just the perfect cut.

According to the brand The Hydro Face Mask has been designed to provide hydration and moisture retention in the skin. The mask contains Artificial Moisturising Factor along with extracts from the Rose of Jericho, which enhances the skin's ability to retain moisture.

If I would rate Vitamasques Hydro Face Mask Rose of Jericho, I would give it 4 stars out of 5. My only reservation goes to the amount of time you need to spend with the mask on. Suggestion is to leave the mask on for approximately 30 minutes, it is a little bit too long for my busy lifestyle. But I really enjoyed this mask, so it might come again to my bathroom cabinet. 

2. Decleor Aromeessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum. I had my eyes on Decleor beauty products for some time and this little sample only increased my curiosity. Oil serum has a delicate orange blossom scent and a very soft, silky texture. Despite being an oil, it absorbs perfectly without a shine after few minutes.

According to the brand, this oil serum is ideal for all skin types, particularly those with dehydrated, slightly unbalanced or dull, lifeless skin. Decleor Aromeessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum is free from preservatives, mineral oils and colourants. Active ingredients are Neroli Essential Oil, Parsley and Sage.

This oil serum calmed my "cleansing mess up" irritation and aided in fast skin recovery. I would give Decleor Aromeessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum 5 stars out of 5 for its formula and results. Beautiful skin oil to add into my beauty wishlist.

Have you tried any from above? What are your impressions?

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Sunday, 1 January 2017

My under the tree treats - 2016/2017

Festive period is behind us and I though to share what my boys treated with this year. 

My number one favourite is Decleor Paris Box of Secrets Calm Headspace: Harmonie Clam soothing light cream 50ml, Aromessence Rose D'Orient 5ml and Aroma Confort Moisturising Body Milk 100ml. What a delight to explore some of Decleor, promise to review when empty.

I usually don't by celebrity perfume, but do love Sarah Jessica Parker. I used to wear Covet Pure Bloom, sadly it isn't available in store in UK any more, so my second choice goes to Lovely. I got this huge gift set to enjoy in 2017: Lovely Eau De Parfum 100ml, EDP Rollerball 10ml, SJP Compact Mirrror and SJP Clutch Bag.

I found another of my favourite scents under my tree this year - DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. It came with a scented body lotion 100ml. Beautifully floral and fresh, will keep it for spring/summer time.

The last, but not least - Heathcote & Ivory Blush Rose Hand Lotion 2x 300ml to keep my hands I guess soft and beautiful in the new year.

Big thank you to my two loved boys. Feel a little be spoiled in these pink treats!

What was your favourite beauty treat under the tree this year?
Best wishes for 2017...