Thursday, 22 December 2016

MWgift(s) - December 2016 update

Amazingly 2016 is almost over, just over a week left for the new year to commence. My project is going slowly, but surely on background of my busy life. Recently I started to have some creativity cravings and would like to introduce you to my new gift line. 

These little booties are hand made from 100% cotton, perfect for little feet to keep them warm, but not overly so. They are such lovely gifts for christening or for a new born. 

Here are two more items I came across last month. Both are decorative and elephant themed.

1. Vintage wooden elephant

2. Collectable Trumpeter's Ball from Harmony Kingdom.

I am currently updating MWgift(s) accounts on eBay and Amazon. All these items will be available for sale shortly.

Happy shopping everyone!

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