Saturday, 1 October 2016

Facial cleansing - tools I use

Facial cleansing is a very important part of my skin care routine and today I would like to share the tools I use.

I have told you before about my Foreo Luna, click here to read the review. I have it for more than a year now and even through I don't use it daily any more, it is an important gadget in my skin care routine.

There are two new tools to share with you today, both I own thanks to my Glossybox subscription.

Spa to You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush. It has soft bristles and silicone cushions to deeply cleanse and gently massage the skin.

I use it once a week or once in two weeks. Personally I find bristles soft only on touch to my fingers and in the dry state on my face, but as soon as water and cleanser are involved it is very abrasive brush. I am not 100% satisfied with its feel on my skin, but it is great for deep cleansing to improve micro-circulation, tone and enhance skin vitality. Brush itself is easy to clean and it dries out well.

If brush isn't my new favourite Spa to You Konjac Sponge is. It is small and hard as a pumice stone when it is dry, but gorgeously soft and gentle when it is soaked with water. I love the feel of it on my face. It cleanses well and exfoliates mildly what I prefer for a daily use.

It is made with 100% vegetable fibres and friendly to environment. My only reservation, it is sold soaked in some liquid which smells very "unnatural". It took me some time to cleanse the product out of the sponge. Not sure why Spa to You prefers to sell them that way.

I think I found my perfect two facial cleansing tools so far: Foreo Luna and the Konjac Sponge. Both of them compliment each other nicely. Foreo Luna with its special properties and massage and Konjac Sponge with its gentleness and ease. Just the perfect duo for me.

What is your favourite cleansing tool? Have you tried a Konjac Sponge? Do recommend in the comments below your favourite brand.

Empty bottles: MyChelle, Nuxe and Liz Earle

I have finished few beauty products and thought it is a good time to share my reviews. 

1. MyChelle Perfect C Serum. This is anti-ageing, brightening serum for all skin types. I mentioned it before "my break" and it was the only serum I have used during the summer. A natural skin care product fully packed with anti-oxidants. According to the brand, its advanced formula is designed to protect skin's health while combating the signs of aging. 

Serum contains a potent 17% dose of L-Ascorbic Acid and helps to strengthen collagen and improve skin texture.

It is a tiny bottle with the pump, serum has a watery yellow consistency with a kind of citrus scent. I wouldn't compliment it on the scent itself, but serum is good enough. I used it in the evenings before my night cream every other night and my skin was pleased with the formula.

I am not sure that I will buy it again, would like to explore elsewhere for now. Overall I would give MyChelle Perfect C Serum 4 stars out of 5 for its formula and effect. I can't say that it reduced my fine lines, but it definitely contributed to overall healthy looking skin.

2. Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute. One of my favourite face masks. It is soothing and hydrating, plus can be used under the eye area too. 

According to the brand this mask is a source of wellbeing and immediate freshness. Made with Plant Milks and White Blossom, mask provides intensive moisturisation even for the driest skins. Can be used as a rescue treatment, it provides intensive relief, instantly soothing skin discomfort. 

I can only agree, this is my second tube and I am looking to get the third in the future. Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute deserves 5 stars for its consistency in keeping my skin refreshed and soft. Like it!

3. Liz Earle for Men Sensitive Shave Cream. Well, I believe men know everything about shaving, so why not to try a men's shaving cream. Actually, no! My second half rejected it and branded this little tube as a useless waste of money and his time. I on other hand, found it just the right thing. 

My first positive impression was it doesn't smell like most of men's shaving creams. It has mild and soothing scent, more on a grassy side. Texture and formula also soothing and calming. You do need to work it to get the lather, but razor glides smoothing over it and ta dah...there are no razor burns or irritation. 

According to the brand shave cream is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Made with natural ingredients, including shave grass, renowned for its soothing properties, and Clary Sage and Eucalyptus to help calm and protect skin.

I believe Liz Earle for Men Sensitive Shave Cream deserves 4 stars out of 5. It isn't perfect for the stubborn male hair, but works well enough for ladies. So if you are looking for a natural, gentle shave cream, why not to give this one a go.

Here are all my empties so far. Have you tried any of them? What do you say?