Wednesday, 14 September 2016

MWgift(s) - September 2016 update

I am having a day off and am preparing few new items to list on MWgift e-Bay account. I thought it is a perfect opportunity to write an update and tell you how am I getting on with all the changes. 

At the moment MWgift(s) is more self efficient and doesn't require much of my time, but it doesn't bring the profit either. I get enough to reinvest in the new stock, but nothing at all to cover my personal efforts. Because it is more like a hobby and my interests are with the new career at the moment, I don't mind.

I hope to find a more efficient way how to manage my new lifestyle so I will be able to dedicate enough time to the project, to see it grow and develop.

Here is something new you can find on MWgift(s) this month.

1. Three leaf decorative jewellery storage box. It has three beautiful compartments, lovely floral pattern through out and that oriental feel most of us like so much. Click here to see it in details.

2. Small decorative chest jewellery storage box. This looks so chic. I love the pattern, soft velvet inside and overall pirate feel about it. Click here to see more photos and description.

3. Medium decorative painted peacock stand. I think it is beautiful on its own, but can be used to display your artworks at home or in office. Lovely colours and details. Something different and unique for your interior. Click here for more details.

I think September is a perfect time to inject fresh and new items in your home design and interior. I hope you will get inspiring ideas from MWgift(s). 

Happy shopping everyone!

PS: MWgift(s) on Amazon.

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