Saturday, 24 September 2016

Balcony in bloom - September update

Last weekend I had a bit of time to tidy my balcony and thought to up to date you with my all year round blooming project. I have injected a bit of colour and variety with colourful Pansies, adding one or two in each pot.

I love the effect and they can cope very well with cooler temperatures, so I hope to enjoy them for few month to come. Two unusual stones you can see in the corner, my boys found them on one of our our river bank walks. I think they add an interesting touch.

Baby begonias I have planted in the early spring, flowered all summer and still growing quite nicely. I kept them as they are, believe they will flower until first frosts.

I have new pot in the opposite corner. Beautiful Zantedechia was evicted from my leaving room due to green bugs. Amazingly, it is very strong and survived not just ambush, but my attempts to help. I bought some colourful Primula to keep it company outside, because I think it prefers the outdoors more.

My little flower corners keeps me happy and content. I am glad that I am able to find some time to dig in. How is your balcony/garden, ready for new season?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

MWgift(s) - September 2016 update

I am having a day off and am preparing few new items to list on MWgift e-Bay account. I thought it is a perfect opportunity to write an update and tell you how am I getting on with all the changes. 

At the moment MWgift(s) is more self efficient and doesn't require much of my time, but it doesn't bring the profit either. I get enough to reinvest in the new stock, but nothing at all to cover my personal efforts. Because it is more like a hobby and my interests are with the new career at the moment, I don't mind.

I hope to find a more efficient way how to manage my new lifestyle so I will be able to dedicate enough time to the project, to see it grow and develop.

Here is something new you can find on MWgift(s) this month.

1. Three leaf decorative jewellery storage box. It has three beautiful compartments, lovely floral pattern through out and that oriental feel most of us like so much. Click here to see it in details.

2. Small decorative chest jewellery storage box. This looks so chic. I love the pattern, soft velvet inside and overall pirate feel about it. Click here to see more photos and description.

3. Medium decorative painted peacock stand. I think it is beautiful on its own, but can be used to display your artworks at home or in office. Lovely colours and details. Something different and unique for your interior. Click here for more details.

I think September is a perfect time to inject fresh and new items in your home design and interior. I hope you will get inspiring ideas from MWgift(s). 

Happy shopping everyone!

PS: MWgift(s) on Amazon.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Glossybox - September 2016

I would say, I have a very complicated relationship with the Glossybox. One day I crave the box, another I want to end this all. Here is my another "last" Glossybox. For how long? Honestly, I don't know myself.

September Glossybox came in this gorgeous red colour and it is a collaboration box with the Red Magazine. Mine had two extra products: MUA Eyeshadow Palette in shade Starry Night and Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. It was a slight mess up with last month's MUA Palette's choice, so they send it to reimburse any bad feeling on the matter. Face mask sachet was a surprise and a very pleasant one.   

There are two favourites in the box this month: The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Lip Balm and Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat from Revlon. Lip balm is just perfect for the coming cooler months and I am glad to receive a top coat instead of colour.

Rest are either on "ok" side, or just a curios try items. Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (really?). Promises you 100% dramatic volume, 100% longer lashes and a dramatic look with one coat. Will let you know later, if it is that good. An interesting little thing.

Rodial Smokey Eye Pen goes to the "ok" side. I am sure it will get used once in a while, only because I prefer greys to blacks. It is amazingly soft. If you are after a smokey eye look - it will do a great job.

The last, but not the least - Hydro Face Mask by VITAMASQUES. It promises 120 hours of hydration. There is a draw back, you need to hold it for 30 minutes. Don't know how about you, but I will need to find a special time to do this properly. Hopefully soon and will post you with a review.

My mixed feeling will keep me off the box for a while I guess. What is your attitude to the beauty boxes? Do you have a favourite or do you think it is a waste of your money in the end?

It is for sure a value for your money. The box value is always more than £10, but if you don't need all these beauty treats?! I love the element of surprise it provides you with every month. I guess I will need to devise my own way of a monthly treat. Now I have 10 pounds to spare every month. Let see what I will get up to!


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Seche Nail Lacquer, Portobello - review and swatch

New season and I have noticed that I have a different colour preference for my nails. Here is one of them - Seche Nail Lacquer in Portobello shade. A light brown shade joined my favourite grey nail polish to replace all sorts of pinks and reds. Here is the swatch for you to have a look.

I am wearing it in one layer. Apparently Seche Portobello Nail Lacquer is a quick drying single coat nail polish. It is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP. Nail polish lasts just as any other on my nails, few days at most. I guess my lifestyle is to blame for that. But what I like about this particular little bottle of varnish - it is so easy to remove and reapply. Bottle contains a decent 14ml to enjoy. Another plus point from me, it doesn't smell too much of the varnish.

It isn't the best nail polish I have used, but I believe it deserves 4 stars for its performance. Colour is a personal preference, but the formula itself worth a try.

Have you tried any of Seche Nail Lacquers? Which shade is your favourite one?

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Life updates

It feels like a very long time since I wrote a post. Life is amazing and it brings lots of changes sometime when you least expect. I got a new job and am embracing a new career. Being a full time person on both fronts - family and work, doesn't leave much time to spare. My personality is changing and adapting to the new lifestyle. Limited time brings all important on to the surface and leaves the rest behind. 

Will I continue my blog? Maybe. It is already went through some changes and I am sure will survive this one. 

This blog isn't only about sharing my wonderings, but also a place where I can express my personality and connect with someone who is maybe just like me and is searching for a balance.

I guess my writing today means I will see you very soon with new blogpost.

Best wishes,