Monday, 21 March 2016

Zoya Aubrey and Anchor Base Coat - review and swatches

Beauty shopping started beautiful this spring with Zoya nail polish. I wanted to try it for some time now due to its ultra long wearing qualities with toxin free formula. I bought Zoya Aubrey and Zoya Anchor Base Coat as my first try and would like to share with you my first impressions and Zoya Aubrey swatch.

Zoya Aubrey has a beautiful mauve shade in cool tones. First nail polish for me to try which looks more vibrant than the bottle itself. Beautiful colour even with one coat. Nail polish has thin consistency and narrow brush. Easy to apply and I glad to report that Zoya Aubrey doesn't leave streaks. 

Here is the swatch for you to have a look. I just adore the colour.

Now about Zoya nail polish's ultra long wear. I tried it twice and both times it didn't last on my nails for more than three days. Nail polish wears slightly on the tips and due to the vibrant colour, it is very visible. It is hard for me to find a nail polish which lasts for longer due to my lifestyle and being a hands-on mom.

If I would rate it from 1 to 5 points, I would give Zoya Aubrey nail polish full 4 points for its colour, consistency, formula and the overall look. I am already checking swatches and thinking to buy few more shades to enjoy this spring/summer time.

Zoya Anchor Base Coat is a highly durable yet flexible base coat that grips your nail and holds nail polish in place for maximum wear. This base coat is lovely - clear, dries fast and leaves the nail surface ready for the nail polish. I would give Zoya Anchor Base Coat 5 points out of 5. It does its job perfectly.

I think I should to try Zoya Armor Top Coat next and see if the nail polish colour will last longer than three days.

What is your favourite Zoya Nail Polish shade?

PS: This is not an advertisement. Both products were bought with my own money. This is just my personal experience and review. Thank you!


  1. The nail paint of Zoya is best I love it. Thanks to share this nail paint which shine superb in hand.The gelish colours are best and the color you describe is also pretty cool.

    1. This one is truly a lovely shade, still one of my favourite through various seasons.