Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Hand spa at home

A lovely, long Easter weekend! 
I had some "me" time and though to share with you my manicure routine at home. For me manicure is one of the brilliant ways to relax and de-stress.

Here are all the items I have used.

1. Large bowl with warm water and few flowers to set the mood along with few drops of Argan oil and Grapefruit essential oil. Argan oil softens skin and cuticula. The benefits of Grapefruit include healthy skin and cleansing. It is perfect to sooth and refresh the skin and I just adore the scent of grapefruit. You are welcome to add anything you like into your bowl, anything what makes you smile will do.

2. Basic manicure set. I have nail clippers, cuticle nipper, small scissors and nail file. I am using a nail polish remover to prepare my nails for a new colour.

3. Hand cream/oil. I am using the Crabtree and Evelyn Somerset Meadow hand cream for mine. Somerset Meadow is infused with Shea butter, Macadamia nut oil and has a fresh fruity-floral scent. A lovely consistency for the hand massage.

4. Nail polish. 

5. A towel.

I usually start my manicure with removing the old nail polish and washing my hands. After that I soak one hand in warm fragrant water for few minutes to soften skin and cuticle. Because I am doing my nails myself and most of the time, I am slow; I tend to re-soak my hands as I go.

After trimming and filing the nails, I like to give my hands a relaxing massage. I use either hand cream or oil for the massage.

Before applying a nail varnish, I wipe my nail tips dry with the towel to allow nail polish even and better grip. I am using my new edition Zoya Anchor Base Coat, Zoya Aubrey and Ciate Mini Paint Pot to add a bit of sparkle. Read here my review on Zoya nail polish. 

I always apply base coat before coloured nail varnish. Nothing can be worse than discoloured nails, so I prefer to stay on the safe side. 

Personally I apply only one coat of colour, if nail polish is vibrant enough. With Zoya Aubrey is the case. This is a beautiful mauve shade I am looking forward to wear this spring/summer time. To add a bit of party feel I added Ciate Mini Paint Pot on one nail tip. 

I use cotton buds to remove any mess. I just dip the cotton bud in the nail polish remover and wipe the stains away. This works well for me.

I finished my manicure with another coat of Zoya Anchor base coat. I do need to get a top coat to see, if the nail polish will last longer.

Here is the look.

What is your favourite pampering routine?

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