Wednesday, 3 February 2016

MWgift(s) - February update

As you know, I am recovering from the cold and got this lovely parcel last week to cheer me up. Each time I get my stock delivered, I feel excited and can't wait to share with you my gifts ideas.

February is month of love and friendship and this month along with the rest I got some cute boxes to show off. I posted almost all of them on eBay, but I still have some pending work to be done later this week. Here is the link to my eBay sales list for you to have a look later on, because I plan to add few more amazing boxes to it.

1. Round Embossed Silver Metal Decorative Jewellery/Storage Box. It is such a gorgeous little box, with beautiful details inside, out and on the lid.

2. Small Book Style Jewellery Box Flower and Elephant. Beautiful hand crafted boxes with velvet lining inside to keep you small silver, gold or costume jewellery scratch free. 

You can click on the links above to access more photos and descriptions. They are adorable.

3. Three Leave Shaped Decorative Silver Metal Embossed Box. A lovely storage idea for all your small accessories. Beautiful details throughout. Box opens up to reveal three compartments.

4. Silver embossed stand with a peacock on it. I haven't posted it on eBay just yet, I believe it will be up by Friday.

Here are some of my new items to share in the February update.

I am so glad, my project is slowly growing and prospering. It makes me happy to be able to use my ideas and energy into something productive. And I hope my gift ideas makes someone happy out there.

I will never stop saying how valuable experience I gain means to me. I am every day something new: stock management, logistics, accounting, customer relationship, PR and plenty more just doing simple online selling. One day, I am sure, this experience will deliver something big and good.

Happy shopping everyone! Enjoy the month of love and friendship! I am looking for something new for MWgift(s) next month. Stay tuned!

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