Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Cosmetics wish list

I am looking for new cosmetics to add to my perfect make-up bag this year and I thought this is the best place to record what I would like to try out. Do leave a comment below if you have tried any of them and let me know what do you think.

1. Liz Earle Radiant Glow Bronzer. Ever since I tried it in the store I coveted it. This bronzer has four tones, it is very soft on touch and not too much shimmer in the product. It looks great and I love what is made of too. Would like to practise my contour and highlight skills with it.

2. Zao Essence of Nature Matt Eye Shadow in Dark Brown (203). Never tried this brand before. Packaging looks beautiful, ingredients are good and the dark brown shade looks just what I need to fill in my brows or to use instead of an eye pencil.

3. Zoya Nail Polish Aubrey. I just adore the shade and I though it is the right time to try a more friendly to nails formula.

4. Zoya Nail Polish Naked Base. Another Zoya's product I would like to try. According to the brand this Naked Manicure Naked Base is a nutrient rich formula specifically created to refine the nail surface and to treat damage with a proprietary blend of vitamins, proteins, botanicals and sulfur amino acids that mimic the natural keratin of the nail. Sounds wonderful to me.

Here are my recent wants. Now it is a shopping time!

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