Monday, 18 January 2016

Beauty Shopping List 2016 - Conscious Spending

This became some sort of tradition for me to create a basic beauty shopping list. This list helps me to buy beauty products I need and if I get carried away I know where to go back for basics.

I collected everything I could find to have look through and to help me decide what I actually need for a basic beauty routines. Looking at all this I can tell you that it is a mess again and I hope to head for a right track within few months.

I am 32 this year and naturally some of my tastes and preferences have changed since the last year. Plus it is time to be in control of what I buy, so I cancelled my Glossybox subscription.

Here is my basic beauty shopping list for 2016 along with it what I have at the moment in photos.



1. Toner
This is a must have skin care product in my bathroom now. I just love the feel of refreshing toner after a bath, shower or just after I washed my face.
2. Day cream
You can't go without one these days. I still prefer cream to oils, but natural formula is a must to give my skin the best I can afford. Sadly at the moment I am trying to finish all face creams I have, so will need to wait for a few months before I can buy something I like.
3. Eye cream
I got few at the moment. I believe one eye cream should be enough for the future. Something natural and for 30+ skin. I need to hydrate and combat those fine lines.
4. Night cream
I like two options of the night creams: one is my favourite Vicco Turmeric Cream and another any cream with useful acids to use few times a week.
5. Facial oil
I don't think that I need a serum just yet, but a facial oil is a must. I like to use it after cleansing before I apply my night cream or whenever I feel it is needed. Again my preference this year goes to a natural oil with antioxidants.
6. Cleanser
My skin care routine has changed and I now wash my face every evening to remove make-up and any other impurities. I prefer a very light natural cleanser to do the job. I haven't resumed my oil cleansing routine yet, I guess this due to my FOREO Luna and luck of time. 
7. Face mask/scrub
I have Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser, it works as a cleanser, scrub or mask when needed. This multitasking beauty product is perfect for my busy days. When I have time, I do like to make my own face masks from my kitchen supply.


1. Body lotion/butter
I need it for a day to day use, on the go. Same as my facial skin care I give the preference to natural formula.
2. Body oil
I don't actually need to buy it, I prefer to make my own using my carrier and essential essential oils. But body oil is on my basic beauty list. I love to use it after a bath, I think oils are the most effective on warm damp skin.
3. Shower gel
Not a picky girl on the shower gels, maybe I should be?! I love anything with citrus scent and I might try a natural shower gel this year.
4. Soap
This is still my obsession. I love a good soap, with beautiful smell and with a good formula. My soft spot a bar of soap.
5. Hand cream
I add it only because, I use one on the go and keep it in my hand bag. It isn't a necessity. You can always squeeze a bit of your favourite body lotion in a small bottle and I used to do that. But I think it is a little bit of a luxury to have a delicious hand cream. Each time I use mine, it makes my day!
6. SPF lotion
I am much better with my facial SPF now, but I am afraid can't tell you the same with my body. I think I should research and find a non greasy lotion for my body to use along with my general one. If you know any, share in the comments below.
7. Body scrub I am not sure, if I need a body scrub. I will leave it out for now, in case when my current one will run out I am thinking to make a hand made sugar body scrub.



1. Shampoo and Conditioner
Recently I prefer professional hair care brands, not the high end, but a good quality I can afford. I think their shampoos are much softer and more gentle with hair and conditioners are more effective. 
2. Hair mask
I have few hair masks at the moment, I believe one should be enough along with the oils and home-made hair masks.
3. Heat protection
I started to use heat protection before I dry my hair and I can see the difference. Don't have favourites just yet. At the moment I am using Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist, but would like to explorer more brands.
4. Leave in oil/hair serum
Just as a finishing touch, can't be without it.
5. Hair oil
I love Castor and Coconut oils for my hair. At the moment I am using my Black Castor oil before hair washes and I just love the results.


Make-up I mostly use is on the left hand side along with the cosmetic bag, rest I keep in a small box for those special days. Even now looking at my selection of make-up, I can see that a lot to be done this year to make it right. 

I washed some brushes, so they are on the towel separately. Again those are mostly used in my day to day make-up.

1. Eye make-up remover
I am using the Micellar water to remove my eye make-up, L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water is my favourite so far. Click here to read full review.
2. Concealer
This is one of the make-up products I can't go without. I prefer a liquid concealer to others and still looking for the best one.
3. CC/BB cream
New addition to my make-up bag. I use it when I feel like I need to give my look that extra attention. It doesn't cover anything, but evens the tone slightly.
4. Face powder
I use it for my T-zone and to set the concealer or CC cream. I would like to try a loose powder, when my compact will finish.
5. Bronzer/Blusher
At the moment I have neither. I gave a lot of my cosmetics away to my sister in law and now on the search for the right products I can actually use. Most of my cosmetics came from Glossybox/Birchbox and some of them were not really my colour or just something I don't usually use. Ideally I would like a compact with both bronzer for countering and a blusher to give colour to my cheeks in one. I haven't decided yet what to buy and currently I am doing my daily make-up with out them.
6. Eye pencil
Pencil must be in dark grey. I have tried black and brown, but they don't flatter my looks. Dark grey just the right shade for my complexion and brings out my eye colour nicely. Current favourite is Lavera Organic Soft Eyeliner Pencil. It is soft and natural, just what I need in pencil and it glides well and it lasts well on my eyelids.
7. Basic matte eyeshadow palette
I would like finally to buy one. It needs to have the right shade of brown in it, so I can feel in my brows too. I will keep you posted with the quest.
8. Lip balm
I like to make my own lip balm. You can find few DIY lip balm recipes on this blog, just browse the search engine. If I don't have time, I just squeeze a little bit of Lanolin Golden Ointment into a small jar. It smells of honey and had the consistency similar to my home-made lip balms.
9. Lipstick
I don't use them often, but occasionally I like to add a bit of colour. I would like one lipstick in red and another in more natural shades. I believe 2 shades should be enough for the basic make-up bag.
10. Mascara
I don't use it daily, but I think it should be included for those special days.

What are your must haves on the basic beauty list this year?

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