Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My winter beauty saviours

Winter is a beautiful time of the year in London. I love the Christmas time in here: lots of lights and there is that magical feel in the air. But I am afraid due to cold, wind and swift changes in the temperature, my skin and hair aren't delighted with this time of the year.

I have lined up few beauty saviours I am using this winter. They do wonders with my skin and hair and allow me to enjoy the season without a worry.

Along with my face cream I use YESto Blueberries Face and Neck Oil 30 ml for Fine Lines and Wrinkles. It is 98% natural (I still prefer natural skin care products), formulated with organic blueberries and plenty of other "magic" oils I believe our skin needs this time of the year. 

YESto Blueberries Face and Neck oil is rich in anti-oxidants, has a mild scent and sinks into my skin nicely without the oily residue. This face and neck oil keeps my skin well hydrated and balanced. Enough to avoid all those dry patches, I used to get during the winter on my cheeks and the nose.

My body saviour this winter is Lanolin Golden Ointment Multi-purpose Balm. This multi-purpose balm is brilliant for all those dry places, like feet, knees and elbows. I got some of it in my empty lip balm container and I carry it with me in my handbag to use as a hand balm or a lip balm when needed on a go. 

Lanolin is another natural brand I like. This balm is a 100% natural mix of Lanolin, Manuka Honey and Vitamin E. It smells like a honey meadow and moisturises all rough patches very well. It works beautifully with my body lotion and I think it deserves its place on my bathroom shelf all year round.

For my hands I have this amazing little tube from the Royal Apothecary Venetian Grove Cream Creme. It came to me from the Glossybox and it is just divine - creamy, moisturising and smells all flowers - delicious! Cream comes in the travel size tube (35g), so it is perfect on the go and it found a nice place in my handbag. 

Cream creme deeply hydrates and according to Royal Apothis gently exfoliates in one easy step. Body moisturiser contains Lactic Acid from milk proteins which provide a mild exfoliation. Thanks to Olive oil and vitamin A and E this cream gives you moisture and repair for smoother, younger looking skin. My hands just delighted with it.

My hair are getting all the love and care they need this winter from Maria Nila Luminos Colour Masque

If you follow my blog, you know that I am not that kin on natural hair care products. They always seems lacking in something essential. I think I finally found a natural hair care product I can't complain, but only recommend. 

This was another treat from the Glossybox I am so glad to discover. It is a gentle treatment for coloured hair that moisturises and nourishes hair for a silky and smooth result. I like the texture of it, if to compare to other natural hair conditioners, it is smooth and pleasant. 

You do feel it on your palm, that masque has enough nourishment in the formula to smooth your hair after the wash. Another positive word for it - my hair isn't static. This was another complain about the natural conditioners I tried in the past. This Luminous Colour Masque ticks all my boxes and delivers beautiful results.

According to the Maria Nila's website, the masque contains Pomegranate extract and Colour Guard Complex to protect hair and to reduce the loss of colour associated with washing, heat styling, UV rays and free radicals. I can't tell you if it keeps colour for longer, because I haven't used a hair colour for months now. But nerveless it is an amazing hair care product to keep the locks hydrated and smooth this winter.

What are your favourite winter beauty saviours?

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