Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Art of Letting Go

When life is full on and becomes overwhelming and staying calm and relaxed becomes almost impossible it is time to let go. Can you do that? Is it easy or even possible?

I always found it hard: not to worry about thing; forget unpleasant incident; relax with all this in my mind. Autumn is here and shorter days add up with their own blues. I thought it is time to do something and change.

I have browsed through few well being books and came across Reader's Digest Stay Calm Stay Healthy by Linda Blair. 

It has a lot to offer to defend yourself against stress and to improve your health. But the best part, I found some tips to total relaxation. I won't list them all, just 5 the best I plan to use this month to return to relaxed and happy self.

Five steps to total relaxation
inspired by Stay Calm Stay Healthy by Linda Blair

According to Linda Blair, if you will practise this routine every day for about half and hour, you will soon become skilled at "letting go". Then use it whenever you are tense, when life feels overwhelming, when you can't sleep at night or simply to restore energy levels. This is exactly what I need right now.

1. Lie down on a firm surface, a bed or sofa, or the floor on a mattress. Place a small cushion under your head and a large cushion or pillow under your thighs, to take the strain off your abdomen and ease the small of your back. Make sure you are warm - perhaps cover yourself with a blanket - as you can't relax completely if you get cold.

2. Focus your attention on your body. Become aware of your shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, diaphragm, back, mouth, jaw eyes, forehead and head. Stretch and relax your arms, hands, legs, feet and back one by one, giving enough attention and time to each part. Allow your facial muscles to relax starting with your eyes, then forehead. Use your fingers to gently massage your face. You can read here simple face massage techniques. 

3. Now imagine a smile beginning in your mouth and slowly spreading out into your cheeks. Feel as if your cheeks are widening a little, so that the whole of your lower face feels relaxed and calm.

4. Now enjoy the feeling of being deeply relaxed. Enjoy the feeling of ease. Rest in the calm that comes with letting go completely. Stay in this relaxed feeling, and rest your mind by picturing a beautiful and peaceful place. This is your inner sanctuary, where you can return for rest whenever you choose.

5. When you are in a state of deep relaxation, hold the awareness of your rejuvenation. When you wish to come back to normal alertness, so so slowly and gently. Stretch your body last time, wiggle your fingers and toes. Don't rush, try to maintain the feeling of calm for as long as you can.

This little DIY relaxation routine is great to unwind and to restore the inner balance. 

But if you not always have the time for it, I got another piece of advice motherhood gifted me with - deal only with a current problem. Don't worry about what might happen if you do this or that, just focus on what is going on right now and go slowly from there. This will not just save your energy, but also will allow you to appreciate beauty of present moment.

What is your best relaxation technique?

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