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Selling Online Amazon vs eBay - Individual Seller

My new project is live for a month now and I thought to share my experience with Amazon and eBay. Before starting MWgifts online I read few comparisons posts regarding online selling on Amazon and eBay and they influenced my decision to start with Amazon.  

If you would like to start selling online and are thinking where to start from, this post might be useful for you. Click here to access online seller page with all information you need for Amazon and here for eBay. 

You will need to read through their terms and conditions, check website's fees for listings and charges on sale. You can read below my personal experience with both websites and my own cons and pros of Amazon and eBay.

Selling online Amazon vs eBay
from individual seller's point of view

As I mentioned above I went with Amazon because they have a large and reputable market and I though my items will sell better with them. I have encountered my first problem with Amazon, when I started to list my first item. Amazon asked me for a barcode and with out one I couldn't list anything. 

I went online to do more research and found plenty of companies selling out barcodes to use on Amazon and eBay. That was firs misleading, because you do not need a barcode to sell on eBay. Unaware of this I bought 10 barcodes from BarCodeTalk to list my items and launch my MWgifts in time I planned it.

I can tell you it is easy to list your item, add photos and description. My second problem with Amazon was lack of free P&P. If you are an individual seller you can't provide free P&P, for that you need to upgrade for Pro selling. I wanted to offer free delivery for my UK customers and sadly I couldn't do that. Amazon added £4.59 as a delivery charge to each item and find it a little bit off putting from buying. Even my small price reduction failed to generate a sale.

My last problem with Amazon came from quite unexpected area. Apparently some of my photos due to lighting got not a white background and Amazon has specific photos requirements. That was the last drop which encouraged me to look elsewhere.

Now let's move on to eBay. After my disappointment with Amazon, I have decided to try it out. I am so glad, I did now. With eBay I found out that I don't need a barcode to list an item and I have few more pros to share.

What I like about eBay:
- I can see, if somebody viewed your item or watching it;
- It is all right to release, eBay doesn't charge for your first 20 listings a month;
- I can get offers and I can counter offer;
- I can offer free P&P.

And the best thing is I sold few items in my first week on eBay. This gave me some motivation boost and I learnt more about packing, posting and broaden experience with Pay Pal.

I still believe it is a matter of personal choice to go with Amazon, eBay, both, or any other site. It depends on items you would like to sell, your priorities and interests. Which ever website you choose it is important to read terms and conditions and don't forget to compare.

This is my personal experience and I am at the moment more happy with eBay due to actual sales and more relaxed way of listing and possibility to monitor interest on my items. Only one con as a beginner on eBay I reached my seller limit due to checks they need to carry out. I hope as soon as all checks will be complete, I will be able to use my 20 free listings a month to a full advantage.

Do you sell on Amazon and/or eBay? What are your pros and cons?

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