Saturday, 15 August 2015

MWgifts on eBay

I am exploring selling online a little bit further and you will find MWgifts (or MWgift due to MWgifts wasn't available to use) on Ebay.

I would like to share with you my adventure so far and plan to make a separate post on the online selling subject. For now here the links to my beautiful gifts available to buy from eBay and what I like eBay so far I can offer you free UK P&P.

1. A lovely multicoloured beaded hanging string.

2. Beautiful beaded string with white elephants, jingle bells and oriental ending detail. Click here to view on eBay .

3. Another beautiful hanging string with elephants. Full of colour and vibe, will bring an oriental touch to any room or occasion. Click here to view it on eBay

4. Stunning door or window frame hanging set with crystals, jingle bells and colourful beads. Perfect for special occasions. Click here to view it on eBay.

5. Small silver metal embossed jewellery box. 

6. Medium silver metal embossed jewellery box. 

7. Beautiful, oriental style storage box with two compartments.

Here are all the links for now and I will keep you posted with my online sale experience shortly. Have you sold anything on eBay? Do you have advice or tips you would like to share?

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