Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Foreo Luna for Combination Skin - Review

I promised you few months ago to review my Foreo Luna and I think I have been using it enough now and it is time to share.

Lets I tell you first about Foreo Luna. 

Foreo Luna is an innovative skincare device that delivers deep-cleansing via T-Sonic technology and anti-aging (for some reason this spelling FOREO is using in their press release) through lower-frequency pulsation. It is made by innovative Swedish company FOREO and it is offering a completely new way to care for the skin. The LUNA's secret is the T-Sonic pulsations that are channelled through a unique brush surface of soft silicone touch points.

Foreo Luna promise 100% convenience with the waterproof design for use in the bath or shower, while every LUNA device offers a minimum of 300 uses per single full charge. Fitting easily into your morning and evening routines, they also require no replacement brush heads.

LUNA delivers a more radiant and youthful-looking complexion with 2 minutes of use, morning and night. In addition to cleansing, the LUNA also features and Anti-Aging Mode to reduce the visible signs of aging, has 8 speeds for optimal comfort and effectiveness and is available in 3 models tailored for different skin types.

I got light blue Foreo Luna for Combination Skin

Now a bit more about my Foreo Luna for Combination Skin.

I am using it only once a day - in the evening, because I do remove my make-up and cleanse my face daily before I go to sleep. If you are following my blog, you probably know that I don't always clean my face in the mornings. At the moment I don't think my skin needs it.

I use cream cleanser to remove make-up and any dirt my skin collected during the day with cleansing mode lightly massaging all over the face and neck. I rinse any traces of cleanser with help of face cloth, apply face toner and use second mode on the other side of my Foreo Luna to deliver light massage and relax facial muscles.

It did feel a bit strange and tickly at first, but after few days I knew there is no way back for me. I like the gentle vibration and silicone brush is brilliant to cleanse my skin. I have been using it for more than three months and I can see the improvements. My skin tone is brighter and face looks fresh and radiant. 

I am glad Fore Luna didn't give me any kind of irritation or skin sensitivity as some facial cleansing devises do. I still get my hormonal and heat bumps, but they are not as profound as they used to be.

I wash my Foreo Luna with a hand wash after every other, otherwise it is very simple in maintenance and doesn't require a lot of care. My first charge is still running, I wonder for how long it can last? Mind you, as I said, I am using it only once a day.

It is true pleasure to cleanse my face now and my two minutes of Foreo Luna a day are such a treat! I will give Foreo Luna for Combination Skin 4 stars out of 5. Amazing mix of technology and skin care. I am glad to have it in my bathroom cabinet. I can't claim that it reduced visible signs of ageing, but I enjoy massage mode every evening and can see that my skin does looks better that it used to be.

Do you have a Foreo Luna or other facial cleansing device?

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