Sunday, 20 September 2015

Balcony in Bloom - Summer Update

I were on leave last week and managed to tidy up my balcony. Sadly Fuchsia dried up and I needed something new to fill the gap. It was attacked by nasty green flies and I have used green fly killer from the garden store, but I am afraid it didn't do good to the delicate Fuchsia. 

I thought to learn on my mistakes and buy more fragrant plants with hope that green flies won't like them. Here is how my balcony looks at the moment.

I bought 6 pink Geranium plants and 6 large Marigolds last week and mixed them up with other plants I had already. Lavender and Tulsi (Holi Basil) are new, but you saw in my previous post Aloe Vera and Succulent plants. I separated Double Narcissuses bulbs and they are now in various pots to bloom in early spring.

My basket looked a bit poorly too with outgrown Petunia. It didn't give me as much blooms as I anticipated, but with a bit of tidy up, I think it looks lovely.

I had a lot of fun mixing plants to create various colour and texture combinations. Plus re-potting them with my little boy (he will be two in August) was such a treat. I can tell you gardening even balcony gardening can be family fan and brilliant activity for little ones who likes to get muddy.

Do you like gardening? Do you consider is a therapy and a way to relax and unwind? Share with me your balcony or small garden ideas, just leave the comment below.

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