Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Recent Reads - Natural Superfoods

I like to read books about healthy life style, but I love even more books full of not just useful and interesting information, but also full of colourful, straight forward recipes. Natural Superfoods by Susannah Blake is one of my recent finds.

This book will brief you nicely through healthy nutrients, will tell you all about superfoods and you can find 150 nutrient-packed recipes for complete health, vitality and healing. 

Author's approach to food and health is all about healthy balance. That means plenty of carbohydrates for energy, loads of fruit and vegetables, enough protein and dairy foods, and just the right amount of the right kinds of fats. I was looking for some time now for a book with my vision of healthy balance. Now you will see so many this type of books, which will tell you don't eat carbs, don't eat dairy and avoid fats. Personally I think it is healthy to eat everything, but in a right balanced way. And this book is just perfect if you are like me searching for this kind of balance.

Here are two "super" tips from the Susannah Blake I like:

1. Variety, variety, variety. She says that, the best way to make the most of all those lovely ingredients that are so readily available to us is to eat the widest variety of foods possible. This way you will be providing your body with as much of the good stuff as you can. 

2. Eat a rainbow. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, follow this simple message - "eat a rainbow" - every day to ensure you make the most of the wealth of health-boosting nutrients that they contain. Fruit and vegetables are not only rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, they are also packed with substances known as phytochemicals, which are believed to help protect against illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, some cancers, osteoporosis and urinary tract infections, and protect against the effects of ageing.

Amazing book to look into this summer to stay healthy, gorgeous and in shape. Do you have a super book to share?

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