Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Polish Haul: Reviews and Swatches

I bought few new shades to enjoy this summer and would like to share with you swatches and review. I have decided not to break the bank and to try Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour. I bought clear colour (Crystal Clear - 25) for base and top coat, darker red (Midnight Red - 287) for my toes and pinky nude (Rose Poudre - 130) shade for my hands. 

I can tell you that they are good, if to consider the price and the final results. Lovely, wide brush - makes it easy to apply varnish; no streaks, dries well and fast enough, beautiful shine and all of them look great on the nails. 

Midnight Red lasted on my toes for five full days, when I had a slight wear off on the big toe's tip. Overall I am pleased with the results and the colour. I have base coat, two coats of colour and top coat on the photo.

Rosy nude is my favourite colour for few weeks now. It lasts on my nails only for three days, but I am a busy mum with a toddler. So, three days is a good result for me. I have base coat, one coat of nail varnish and top coat on the photo. I do only one coat, so it dries faster and I prefer less intense shade for day to day look.

I will give Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour 4 stars out of 5. Shades are lovely, brush is effective, slight minus they don't last as long as they promise. But overall a good nail polish to own and wear.

Have you tried Maybelline Forever Strong yet? Do you have favourite colour?

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