Monday, 22 June 2015

My Hair Care Routine - Summer 2015 Update

Summer is here and I have noticed some changes in my hair care routine. I thought to share them with you and do let me know what have you changed in your hair care routine (if anything) this summer?!

My hair care routine - summer update

Major change in my hair care routine happened with shampoo. Since I had such a bad experience with a natural shampoo, I used to buy just any without consideration of price or a brand. Well, why to pay a lot if the ingredient list more or less the same?

But I have made a decision last month to give it a go to a professional shampoo and I can tell you there is no way back for me. As you know from my May's Beauty Haul I bought Redken Extreme shampoo. After few weeks of use, I can see actually difference and I like it. Ever since I gave birth to my son I am not so sure about my hair. I am getting my confidence back now. Read here about my post pregnancy hair recovery story.

Back to the shampoo. It isn't a natural one, but doesn't got the mineral oil and overall the ingredient list is "ok". I didn't really looked for a natural shampoo, but since I know the ingredients to avoid, it became a habit to read the small print.

I wash my hair on every third day once or twice if my hair got oil or the overnight mask and use a conditioner after. I would like to try a professional conditioner later on, but at the moment I am using a Aussie Beach Mate conditioner. Always wanted to try Aussie's hair care range and this one is just perfect for hot summer weather. I will review it for you as usual in one of my empty bottles' posts. I apply conditioner only on hair ends and leave as long as I can in a shower.

Another change in my hair care routine this summer - I apply hair oil or hair treatment now only once in two weeks. I used to do it once a week, but I have noticed my hair started to get greasy on the second day. I find it is enough for my hair to get a treatment once in two weeks, but as before I tend to leave it over the night for a deep conditioning. I am using my own Hair Oil Mix with Shea Butter and/or Dabur Vatika Night Repair Cream.

I like to give my head a massage and apply hair oil mix on all my hair and the night repair cream onto hair ends. After this treat my hair next day are soft, silky and just like I want them to be.

I have prepared my own hair serum and apply it after each wash on the wet hair ends and a little bit after using a hair dryer. I will share a recipe with you later on, when I will make a new bottle. But if you would like it sooner, leave a request in the comments below.

I have noticed as well, that I am using more often TRESemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Tonic. It has more light, soothing and cooling effect onto the scalp and I have been enjoying it more than usual in recent weeks. I just apply it the night before I wash my hair and gently massage it into the scalp.

I have Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo, but I don't remember when I have used it last time. I don't think I will buy another one in the future. I prefer to find time to wash my hair and leave them open. What is your opinion on a dry shampoo, do they save your day or just take space in your bathroom cabinet?

My hair care tools are almost the same as I shared with you in my previous hair care routine, with exception I got new small porcupine brush from Kent. I am actually so happy with it and am considering to get a bigger version for my dressing table.

What is your hair routine this summer?



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