Sunday, 7 June 2015

My Essential Oils - Update

I have one new essential oil to add into my collection and I thought to update you with the rest as well. I have used up two essential oils in the past few months for my small DIY beauty projects and I can review them for you on a more personal level.

First things - first. I have bought Geranium Pure Essential oil

It has a floral scent and plenty of beauty benefits. Geranium essential oil has a soothing properties that will calm skin inflammation; anti-inflammatory (will help to heal skin rushes, eczema and rosacea). Geranium essential oil hydrates skin and provides UV protection (this oil is rich in antioxidants, so it will boost skin's natural ability to fight off free radicals and harmful UV rays). Geranium is one of essential oils which promote healthy hair growth. If Rosemary essential oil stimulates the roots and increases circulation in the scalp, Geranium essential oil strengthens the hair.

I am making my own beauty products for more than two years now and I got my essential oil favourites.

I can say that Lavender essential oil is a must have for me. I use it in so many ways: few drops in my son's bath (he doesn't like bubble baths and this oil has been great for his skin), direct application in minor burns - relieves pain and helps to heal; hair - few drops directly on the ends or mixed with carrier oils; face - again or directly on blemishes or mixed with a carrier oil. I believe there are plenty more ways to use Lavender essential oil, do share with me yours?!

You can read more beauty properties of Lavender essential oil and others from my previous post in here

Another two essential oils I will buy again when they will finish are - Ylang Ylang and Blended Vanilla. They both got a beautiful scent and they do good to the skin and hair, plus Vanilla essential oil has anti-ageing properties.

Tea Tree essential oil is great for its antibacterial properties and I use it to prolong shelf life of my DIY beauty. If you have oily or problem skin, this oil can help with acne and with skin healing. 

I use Rosemary essential oil for my hair and in home made face masks. Another multi-use oil to have at home.

I have finished Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil. It is refreshing and was great with my son's colds and coughs. Just few drops in to the bath and/or mixed with a bit of olive oil on the chest and back helped him to relieve stuffed nose and coughs. Myself I liked it in my lip balms and body oils. I would like to buy a Lemon or Orange essential oil for myself and just Eucalyptus to use for cold healing at home.

What is/are your must have essential oil/s?

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