Friday, 15 May 2015

Balcony in Bloom - Spring/Summer

Again I am busy with decorating, but I wanted to share with you my "happy" corner I enjoy spending few minutes to relax and meditate. I always liked flowers and I have a balcony now to decorate and I am glad to be busy with it. I would like to create all year around balcony in bloom and if you are interested I will share my journey with you.

At the moment I have spring/summer plants and they are already such a treat to look at.

I have two pots with Succulent Plants. I believe they called Hens-and-Cheek. Very hardy and beautiful just as they are. I had a flower last year and am looking forward to see if this summer they will give me some more to enjoy. Sacculent plants have the most exotic flowers you can get in moderate climate.

My queen of flowers on the balcony is Fuschia. I got one on the steam with full, duo coloured blooms, which will last throughout spring and summer time. It is half-hardy and will need a protection from the frost and some pruning to keep it in a pleasant shape and in bloom for longer.

Another blooming pot I have is full of Double Narcissuses. They are so beautiful and have the most amazing scent. I know they won't last for long, but what is great - they will be back next year.

The last, but not the least I have one hanging basket with young Petunia. It is growing very fast and soon I will find out what colour flowers will be. I believe it will bloom all summer.

I am looking for few more plants to add in the future. 

Small garden, balcony or even your window sill can be great source for positive energy and joy. Nothing is more rewarding when to see your plants grow and blossom. This hobby can be good for stress management. Read here about more stress management tips.

Do you have any suggestions for a beautiful plants I can add to enjoy autumn/winter time or even all year around?!

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