Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April Beauty Haul: Dr. Organic, L'Oreal, Jason, Revlon, Herbal Essences and a Mystery Buy

This month's haul is a very special one for me and I would like to share with you my mystery buy first.

Ta dah...

My own Foreo Luna for Combination Skin. I bought it in the beginning of the April and will post a full review after three months I think. I want to give myself enough time to form an opinion and see what results Foreo Luna will bring.

Do you have one? Do you think is worth the hype? 

My other April's buys are as follows.

I am taking really seriously sun protection this year and have finally bought a facial sunscreen. I will make a separate post about my sun care routine later, but for now you can read all about skin protection in here. I bought Jason Facial Natural Sunscreen SPF 20. It is light and without a scent. I am looking forward to use it this spring/summer and maybe beyond if I will like it. 

As you know from my April empties, I run out of Micellar water and I thought to give a try to L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water this time. I can tell you that I am hooked at the moment on Micellar water and I can even see a difference between Nivea and L'Oreal. I enjoyed Nivea a lot, but I can feel that L'Oreal Micellar water is more gentle and doesn't have a scent at all. I am quite pleased with it at the moment, don't think I am going back to the eye make-up removers any time soon.

Another natural product I bought is Dr. Organic Aloe Vera soap. I thought to give it a break from my favourite La Florentina in Iris Pallida soap. I probably will be back, because I think La Florentina smells just delightful and it actually lathers better and lasts longer. I bought Dr. Organic Aloe Vera soap before and I know it is gentle to the skin and I like it light scent.

I have decided not to splash on a shampoo, but I wanted one with a nice fragrance which stays on the hair for some time. Herbal Essences came in my mind and I bought small bottle of Bee Strong to try out.

And the last but not the least - Revlon ColorStay Shadowlinks in Taupe. I mentioned it in my spring cosmetics and I just love the colour and the feel of them. After long time I bought not matte, but satin eye shadow. Nice shade for the crease for my daily make-up.

What special did you buy in April?

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