Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Recent Reads - Humans an A to Z

I came across a very peculiar book and wanted to share it with you. It is catchy and amazingly I went through it very quickly. Humans an A to Z by Matt Haig advises you how to make the most of your time on earth. Well if you have a feeling like you don't know what are you doing on this planet or feel a bit alienated this book is brilliant to find some sense of what is going on.

I am about to dive in another book by this author Humans, just only because I found this rough guide quite amusing.

Don't want to spoil your fun, so I will just will share some things you need to remember in order to fit in as a human according to Matt Haig.

1. Wear clothes. At all times.
2. Don't eat cats. Eat cows, or sheep, or pigs. But never eat a cat.
3. Sigh more with age.
4. Regret the distance between who you are and who you wanted to be as a child, even as you continue to widen the gap.
5. When talking to a human, fight your nausea and look into their face.
6. Although two legs and arms give you lots of options, most humans choose to walk to places. Running is acceptable if you are in a hurry, but hurry, but hopping and crawling in public places is inappropriate.
7. Act like money can save you.
8. Pretend to be in awe of technology if it is new. Laugh at it if it is five years old. Even through, to you, it is all looks one million years old.
9. If you find yourself having sexual intercourse with a human do not giggle until is over.
10. Be depressed on Mondays and happy on Saturdays. Not the other way around. It will annoy people.

insert from Humans A to Z by Matt Haig

Light and interesting guide to read. Have you come across it yet?!

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