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Post Pregnancy Hair Recovery - My Story and Recovery Tips.

It is so hard to come back to blogging after the break. I will try to catch up with you as I go. I wanted to share with you my post pregnancy hair recovery story and give you some tips I found useful. Even if you are not pregnant or had a baby recently, you might find this post useful, because it is about general hair care and nutrition.

Post pregnancy hair loss

Most of women during pregnancy have thick and lustrous hair and I were one of them. Usually post pregnancy hair loss occurs after giving birth or shortly after. I have been so happy thinking I avoided it then 8 months later - poof! I were alarmed and shocked to find that my hair seems to be falling out. They were everywhere: in my brush, in the tub, on the floor, sofa - you name it! I can tell you, it was the most distressing experience in my life. 

Online research gave me this information: in the normal cycle of hair growth, some hair is lost every day. But during pregnancy the increased level of estrogen in the body freezes hair in the growing phase of the cycle. Hair that would normally fall out stays put, resulting in thicker hair. After you give birth and your estrogen levels decline, however, all that hair that was resting starts to fall out. This usually starts the third or fourth post-partum and ends by six month. I don't know why it took longer in my case, but we all are different and where are exceptions. This temporary hair loss doesn't mean you are deficient in nutrition or vitamins. It is simply hormonal.

Sometimes hair falls out all over the head. Or clumps may come out when you brush it, or in the shower. However, often women just lose a lot around their hairline, so that their hair looks very fine in the front, or as if they are going bald. 

Gladly, I had my common sense and knew that it was a temporary phase and I just needed to keep up my healthy diet and my hair care routine. Well, I had my moments of panic too! I am glad now it is all in the past.

I thought that my experience might be useful for you and I know it is important to know that you are not alone in the world and what is going on with you is just normal and temporary. Here are some tips for you to help you to recover from a post pregnancy hair loss. Mind you, I am not a doctor and if you have a serious concern, you do need to speak to the professional. I am writing just from my personal experience. Please be always serious about your health!

Post pregnancy hair recovery tips

1. Stay hydrated. I did my one week water drinking challenge to encourage myself to drink more water. My daily target is at least 2 litres. I find it harder in the winter time and I do like a cup of tea once in a while. Some days I am good with my water intake some days I drink less. The main don't push yourself hardest, do baby steps if you are starting to allow your body to adjust. You can check online for your daily recommended water intake, just enter your details here

2. Eat well. I made a post awhile ago about nutrients you need to focus for a healthy hair, click here to read more about it. I believe that even the best shampoos and conditioners won't be able to help you, if your diet is poor and luck essential vitamins and minerals. It is up to you to take suplements and vitamins, but I think right food that is what your body need to recover and boost that healthy hair grow. 

3. Hair care routine. As soon as you sorted with your healthy diet it is worth to check on your hair care routine. You can read my autumn/winter hair care routine here, few things have changed since and I will post you with updated hair care routine in spring.

4. Haircut. I know it can be hard to decide to visit your hairdresser when you are loosing a lot of your hair, but new hair cut can change the way you look a lot. Plus experience hair dresser can give you an advice how to enhance your look with the appropriate hair style to suit your current condition. I can say that you most likely due for a hair cut because your ends will need some refreshment. I didn't cut my hair during my pregnancy and by time my son was born I really needed a haircut. I went for a repeat trim after 6 months and even my hair is much shorter when they used to be, they actually look much healthier and more manageable.

5. Try to avoid tight hair styles. I mean here all those pony tails and tight knots. Give your hair some freedom. If you wear your hair up very often that can result in splits and more damage. I know it can be hard when you have a little tot around to leave your hair down, but there are hairstyles, just google them.

6. Relax and be happy. You don't want any more stress when you already have. Remember post pregnancy hair lost is normal and temporary, so try to find time to relax and enjoy your new family experience. Read here one of my recent posts about how to fight blues.

Here is my hair few weeks ago. I have a lot of tiny baby hair coming up, so I find it challenging to style. Your tips are welcome on how to tame new growing baby hair.

Have you experienced a post pregnancy hair loss? What are your best tips to keep up the mood and to keep your hair healthy?

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