Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Skin Care Routine - Face - Spring 2015

Spring is here and it is time to update my skin care routine.

My facial skin care routine this spring 

As usual my skin care routine is simple and easy to follow through. I don't like to complicate any of my routines with numerous beauty products, so if you are just like me or starting on your first skin care routine - you are in the right place.


1. Cleansing with a gentle gel cleanser when needed. Here you need to follow along with your skin type and needs. I tend to use cleansing gel every other day, just because I cleansed my face well the night before and sometimes just water is enough for me.

At the moment I am using YESto Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser. It is a very gentle gel cleanser, but work for my skin at the moment. It is soothing, contains 96% natural ingredients and it isn't pricey like some natural cleansers. I bought mine from Boots on offer 3 for 2, worth checking it out.

2. Toning with a gentle toner. I used to skip this step in winter, but as spring kicks in I feel need to close my pores and prepare my face for the face cream.

I have received my toner in the January Glossybox and it is what I am reaching out at the moment. This toner contains a soothing blend of calendula, chamomile and aloe vera. Kueshi Revitalizing Face toner is soothing, fresh and hydrating. Only one reservation on my part - scent is a little bit to sweet for my taste.

3. Moisturising with a light face cream. If your cream contains SPF you don't need to apply it separately, but mine doesn't have it so I am using a sun protective lotion for my face.

At the moment I am enjoying my recent buy - Pai Chamomile and Rosehip Calming Day cream. It is lightly creamy, my skin just "drinks" it all up. It is to soon to post a review, but I will keep you updated in my empties.
I found a sample of Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Cream. This sun protective cream is for dry and sensitive skin with SPF50+. I like it. It isn't greasy, doesn't make my face shiny and doesn't leave any white marks on the skin. 

4. Eye cream. I think it is important to use an eye cream in any age and sometime I regret that I started to use it only recently. But now it is always in my skin care routine. I prefer light and cooling eye cream during the day, but at the moment I try to finish my YESto Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment. It is more on a creamy side, but my skin just takes it in happily. I would like to buy something more cooling and refreshing for the spring time. If you know a good eye cream you want to recommend, do leave a comment.


1. Cleansing with a gentle cleansing milk. I am at the moment having a break from oil cleansing method until summer time and using the cleansing milk. I don't use much make-up, so even gentle cleansing with the milk helps to remove my face powder and a concealer. 

At the moment I am using YESto BlueberriesSmoothing Daily cleanser. I usually do face massage while cleansing and remove it with a wet face cloth. I like this cleanser consistency and how it leaves my skin soft and clean.

I remove my eye make-up with Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing water. It is gentle to the skin and does the job.

2. Toning with a gentle toner. Just a sweep of toner to remove any traces or cleanser and to close the pores. I use the same Kueshi toner, read above.

3. Face oil/Serum. I am using Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate face oil as a serum this spring. I usually apply it every other day. I have few serums to try and review from SkinPEP, I will share my thought in a review later on.

4. Nourishing with a night cream. I like a bit thicker creams for the night and my turmeric cream always has been a favourite. I usually change my face creams once in a while, but always come back to the turmeric cream. 

I bought my Aurvedic Nature Riche Turmeric cream back in October from Asian pharmacy store in London. I found a link online if you want to have a look, but it is sold out. There is another turmeric cream I like and it is easier to buy it if you want to try - Vicco Turmeric cream

5. Eye cream. At the moment I use a dab of Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip oil as an eye cream.

Once a week:

1. Exfoliation with a gentle scrub. I will use Pai Kukui and Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening exfoliator  and Naobay Moisturising Peeling this spring to gently exfoliate my skin.

2. Face mask. I am about to finish my NUXE Paris Creme Fraiche de Beaute Mask and am looking for something new to try this spring. Along with ready made masks, I like to use my home made ones. Check links below for recipes. 

3. Face massage. I try to do face massage when I put face cream or cleanse my face, but I would like to find more time this spring to improve my massage technique. Ideally I would like to do face massage once a week for at least 30 minutes at a time and 5-10 minutes daily in the evenings. Massage is brilliant for anti-ageing and helps to relax muscles and improves circulation. 

If you follow my blog you know that I prefer to use natural products in my facial skin care. I think 90% of products I use are natural and/or organic. At my present state of mind, this knowledge comforts me and it is nice to know what I put on my skin. Read about the ingredient to avoid I posted some time ago here. I am more relax on the matter with the make-up and rest of my toiletries. It is up to you what to buy and how much to pay. The main to keep always in mind your skin type and your skin care needs.

What is your skin care routine this spring? Do you do anything different since the winter months or use different products? Or maybe you prefer to stick to one routine all year around? I will be delighted to read your comments, feel free to leave one.

Discover some of my favourite DIY face masks:

- Brightening face mask with Turmeric

-Anti-ageing face mask with carrot juice


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