Monday, 2 February 2015

10 Random Things That Make Me Happy

February is here and I thought the best way to start this month is to reflect on things that make me happy. If January blues still linger with you and my previous post on the matter didn't help, try to think what makes you happy and enjoy this month of love, friendship and happiness.

10 random things that make me happy

1. Family. My little family always makes me happy. Who else can understand and accept me for what I really am and cheer me up when I need it. My husband and my little son are my two best people to bring a lost smile back to my face. Find those precious people in your family and show them some love in return!

2. Sweet stuff. 

We all have something we really love and as we know in moderation we can enjoy anything we fancy. At least that is what I do. My favourites are shortbread biscuits, waffles and Swiss rolls. If nothing can cheer me up, they always will deliver a "bite" of happiness.

3. Books. I love reading! Now I have less free time to read as often as I used to, but books always helped me to loose myself in the world of fantasy. I post my recent reads on this blog, just check with the search engine in the top right corner. I think anyone can find a book to enjoy and it is a great way to change the mood.

4. Music. I am not a music person, as I say! Sometimes I even don't know who sings the song I like, but music is another thing that makes me happy. It is amazing how it can change my mood with a joyful bit.

5. Sunshine. 

That could be a vitamin D, but sun makes me a very happy girl indeed. I don't like to sunbath, but I love feeling warmth of the sun on my skin. 

6. Blogging. I can't forget to mention this one, can I? Writing my posts and sharing my thoughts and experiences with you brings me happiness. I do believe that any creative past time will lift up your mood and will inspire you on something great in life. At this moment blogging is my main hobby and I am enjoying it, what is yours?

7. Christmas lights and decoration. I know this one is not a relevant for now, but each year when festive season starts and I see or put up Christmas light or decoration I feel so good. 

8. Animals. 

I love watching animal shows on TV or play with them. I don't have pets, so watching is what I mostly do right now. I love going to the park with my boys and I enjoy feeding ducks or just do a bird-watching (Robin is my favourite bird to spot).

9. A clean room. I do like my house clean and it gives me pleasure to see everything in the right place and tidy. 

10. To see my plan flower. This is such a reward! I have few plants in my house and I enjoy to see them thrive and flower. 

I have few orchids I would like to see flower again, but at the moment they just grow leaves. If you know any secrets or care tricks to get them flower, please leave a comment below.

Here are in no particular order, completely random ten things that make me happy. What are yours?

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