Monday, 15 December 2014

Natural Baby Oil - DIY Beauty

I just made another bottle of the baby oil for my son and thought that this simple recipe might be useful to you too. Some baby oils are made with the mineral oil, which tends to block pores and can lead to skin irritation. We all know that baby's skin is very soft and sensitive and require a gentle approach.

Natural Baby Oil

To make one of your own you will need:

- 100ml of Olive oil;
- 15 drops of Lavender essential oil;
- 15 drops of Blended Rose essential oil (if you are using pure Rose essential oil, just drop 5-7 drops).

You will need as well one empty and clean bottle with a lid to store the oil. 

Pour olive oil in the bottle, add bit by bit essential oils to see if you are happy with the fragrance (it shouldn't be overpowering, just gentle scent). Feel free to adjust the amount of Lavender or Rose essential oils, but don't use more than 30 drops in total to avoid skin irritation.

Read here about olive oil benefits and here about benefits of essential oils I used in this recipe.

Have a baby soft skin always!

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