Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lunch ideas - what I ate at work this week

Many of us in January try to eat more healthy, but some are not sure where to start. I already have shared energy nuts&fruits mix for the snack time and thought to photograph what do I have for my lunch at work. If you want any recipes or have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below.

Day 1: Sesame crisp-bread with roast pock slices, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes with green tea and a kiwifruit. 

I didn't use any spread here or ketchup, I like my veggies and fruits as they are. Tasted great and filled me up until the snack time.

Day 2: Cucumber and cherry tomatoes salad with soft chilly cheese and tomato soup.

This salad is so easy to make. Again I didn't use any dressing or salt, but soft chilly cheese provided me with a lovely spicy flavour. Mind you, I used soup from the packet, I didn't have time the night before to prepare my lunch and it was a quick, but yummy fix.

Day 3: Beetroot and beans salad with sesame crisp-bread, orange and seashell chocolate, followed by cup of warm water.

I love this beetroot salad with beans, I used mayonnaise as a dressing. That day I had a chocolate and orange as a treat. I do believe you can enjoy various foods if you know your limits.

I usually don't follow the diet, but try to eat healthy most of the days. I do like to enjoy my food, but if I overindulged with a cake one day I will have a fruit the next day instead, you know what I mean?!

What was your favourite lunch this week?

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