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Basic Beauty List - Conscious Spending

I shared with you in one of my last posts the new approach to my beauty shopping and I thought that I can't leave this topic without sharing my basic beauty list as well. 

You see, conscious shopping is all about planning and being confident in what you want to buy and this basic beauty list will give you an idea what you normally use. After completing your own beauty list you can carry out a "stock take" and make a shopping list for anything is missing or running out.

I made my list with one thought in mind - less, but better! You can use my list as an example, but keep in mind that we all are different and have different needs and desires. This beauty list should be just about yourself!

My basic beauty list


1. Toner
2. Day cream
3. Eye cream
4. Serum
5. Night cream
6. Cleanser
7. Facial oil
8. Face mask
9. Scrub
10. Facial sponge/brush

This is my basic list of beauty products I need for the facial skincare. Personally I will opt for natural beauty products with lots of antioxidants to care after my 30+ normal skin. 

When you are making your own list, keep in mind what do you need for cleansing, moisturising and toning. Plus what kind of products do you need to address any skin conditions or issues you have: be it acne, blemishes or fine lines. Do make space for a treat for your skin, like a face mask. If you are on a low budget opt for a natural hand-made face masks, you can find some recipes on my blog, just check in the search bar.


1. Eye make-up remover
2. Concealer
3. Face Powder
4. Bronzer
5. Blusher
6. Grey Eye Pencil
7. Basic Matte Eyeshadow Palette
8. Mascara
9. Lip Balm

As you see, my make-up list is not a long one. Yours might be longer or even shorter. I tried to think of my daily make-up and what do I usually use. I do have more in my make-up bag, but I don't plan to add anything else to my future shopping list apart from the items you see on the make-up list here.

I want to divide my cosmetics in two groups: one for a daily use and second for special occasions. I will make a post later on how did I get on.

Another small point, I don't plan to spend a lot on my make-up. I want to go for a reasonable price with a good quality, but not splashing out. I will leave all splashing out for my skin care, I truly believe it deserves it more.

Click here for my autumn/winter cosmetics.


1. Powder brush
2. Bronzer brush
3. Angular brush for concealer
4. Eye shadow brush
5. Small blending brush
6. Small angular brush for eyebrows and eye liner

I don't have any favourites, but I do like my Ecotools brushes a lot. They are soft, full and don't shed anything while I wash them. I would like to replace some of my brushes with ecotools.


1. Cream/lotion
2. Body oil
3. Scrub
4. Shower gel
5. Soap
6. Pumice stone for feet
7. Body sponge

I didn't add any personal hygiene items girls use. We all know about them, but there is no need to shout out loud what are they. So add what ever else you need to your personal list. 

I use body cream or lotion all over my body. I don't buy separate hand or feet cream, I don't feel that there is a need. I think I spend the most on my body creams and soaps, rest are just reasonable priced items. I make my own body oil and once in a while body creams.

Click here to read my current facial care and body care routines.

Hair care

1. Shampoo
2. Conditioner
3. Hair treatment
4. Hair oil
5. Leave in oil
6. Wide brush for long hair
7. Small brush for a hand bag

I am in a search for ideal hair care routine. When I will have at least an idea what I and my hair like the most, I will share it in the updated hair care routine. For current hair care routine click here.

Hands and Nails

1. Base and top coat
2. Basic shade for a casual nails
3. Dark plum or red for toe nails
4. Manicure set

I use body cream or lotion and scrub in my hand care routine. Due to Glossybox I have collected some nail polishes, but if I am going shopping in the future only those you see above will be on my list. You can check my hands and nails care routine and products I use here.

When you have completed your list, you can see that some items you might need to buy once, or just once in a while to replace with a new one. I think this kind of items, like make-up brushes, manicure set, face brush ect. deserved to be a better quality and you might will need to spend more. As I said a lot here is up to you to decide how much to spend, what quality you want item be and only you are aware of your own budget and priorities. 

This simple beauty list helps me to come back to basics and helps me to be organised and clutter free. There are beauty products I can't let go for a few reasons, so they are kept for a special occasions. Just keep in mind that you need to follow with cosmetics shelf life at all times.

Do you have a basic beauty list? What do you think is worth to spend more money on?

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