Monday, 22 December 2014

My Beauty Blogging: what did I learn in 2014

2014 is about to end and I wanted to share what it has been for me as a beauty blogger and what did I learnt about the beauty so far.

Marija's World is a learning experience for me, my hobby and my beauty organiser. It has been four months since I started this blog, but I can see how much I have learnt and how much I have changed in a good, positive way. I believe any hobby is good for wellbeing and personal inspiration and that is what Marija's World is for me.

I enjoy researching facts about beauty, checking various beauty products I wouldn't notice before and I do enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with you.

My beauty blogging: what did I learn in 2014

1. Evening skin care routine is more important than morning skin care routine. Before I started this blog, I had good morning skin care routine and it was my only focus. I could go to bed without night cream, just wash my face and that would be it. I learnt this year that while we are sleeping our skin regenerates. So, what ever we put on our face before we go to bed, actually will be used and will bring the best benefit for the day ahead. Now I try to focus more on what I use in my evening skincare routine.

2. Sun protection is must not only in summer time. I wasn't good with sun protection before and I am still working on it, trying to find my best way to keep my skin protected from UV. You can read about skin protection in one of my previous posts here.

3. Use beauty products till end. I used to start and hardly used to finish my beauty products before for various reasons. Now I try to give a beauty product chance to work it magic and I know this require time. You can't make a decision that this product doesn't work or does nothing good to you, until you use it for at least two weeks. Of course, if a beauty product causes irritation or any other adverse effect on you, do stop using it that instant. 

4. Beauty comes withinBalance diet is another important point if you want to be healthy and stay beautiful. I used to like to make yummy face packs and treat my skin to nice beauty products, but I took less care in what I actually ate. Now I try to focus on what I eat and keep my skin and hair routine basic and simple.

5. To try various beauty products without breaking the bank - Glossybox. This beauty box gave me opportunity to discover various beauty products for the affordable monthly fee. Click here if you want to try it too. 

What did you learn about beauty in 2015 and want to take with you in 2015?

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