Saturday, 27 December 2014

Beauty Products - the best and the worst of 2014

Just few days left of 2014 and I wanted to round off my beauty buys this year and to share the best and the worst of them with you. 

My best beauty buys of 2014 are:

1. Cosmetics: ESSIE nail polish. This is the first nail polish to last on my nails for 5 days, it deserves its place of fame. My favourite is ESSIE 27 Eternal Optimist, perfect for a daily gloss.

2. Skin care: MONU Skincare Soothing Hawaii Facial Oil. I used this oil for cleansing my skin in the evening. I love the natural ingredient list and it made my skin very happy indeed. Look out for a review in my next empty bottles post.

3. Hair care: Natural Hair Oil Mix from my DIY beauty. This was a great discovery using few oils and essential oils I like. This oil mix made my hair stronger and more healthier and what makes me more happy I did it myself.

My worst beauty buys of 2014 are:

1. Cosmetics: Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer. Consistency is very drying, so this concealer is actually highlighting all the imperfections and making my fine lines more visible. I am very disappointed. I can give this concealer only 1 star out of 5, just because it might be a wrong shade.

2. Skin care: none

3. Hair care: none

It's been a good year! I tried really very hard, but can't think of any skincare or haircare products I didn't like so much, so I couldn't use them. I can name more cosmetics through, it seems they tend to disappoint me more.

What is your best and the worst beauty product of the year?

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