Wednesday, 10 December 2014

10 Simple Steps for Face Massage at Home - DIY Beauty

Following my previous post here are 10 simple techniques for a facial massage at home. It is great when you need to relax your face after busy day, when you do oil cleansing method or even when you are applying a face cream or any other beauty treatments.

10 simple steps for DIY face massage

First make sure your skin is clean and your hair tied back. You will need approximately 10 to 15 minutes for the massage, so try to find a peaceful time. I like to do this massage while I am using the oil to cleanse my face in the evening. But these simple massage techniques can be applied any time you in need of relaxation and bit of pampering. 

Just follow the steps, after few weeks you will know them by heart.

1. Place a small amount of oil or a massage cream to the palms of your hands and warm by rubbing your hands together. Apply this to the face, covering the forehead, cheeks, chin, neck and upper chest. Gently work in.

2. Taking your left hand to the opposite side of your neck, massage in large upwards circles. More pressure when you are moving your hand upwards and just a gentle touch on your way down. Take to the large muscles at the side of the neck, right up to behind the ear. Repeat with your right hand on the opposite side.

3. Now lift your chin, so the skin on your neck is taught. Using both hands next to each other, push fingers upwards until you get to the chin.

4. Continue both hands up over the chin and outwards across the lower cheeks, glide off at the ears. Using alternate hands on one cheek, glide upwards from jaw to temples five times. Repeat on the other cheek.

5. Place all fingers on the jaw starting at the chin with your thumb under the jaw, make gliding pressures all the way out to the years, repeat 5 times then repeat across the cheeks. Using the middle and ring fingers, starting at the sides of the nose, just under the cheek bone, glide out to the temples following the line of the cheek bone.

6. Close your eyes, place all fingers just below your brow bone so your hands are covering your eyes, press up, firmly and hold, repeat. Glide your fingers across the brow and out to the temples. This is just a treat after a long day and/or if you have a head ache. 

7. Place your middle and ring finger by the side of the nose and gently glide out under the eye in an outwards movement. Circle at the temples.

8. Using all fingers place on the forehead and massage in a circular upward and outward movements across the forehead.

9. Place fingers close together in the middle of the forehead so your hands are facing each other, using a firm pressure glide out to the hair line.

10. Using flat finger together, glide down and out across the forehead, cheeks, jaw, neck and upper chest, smoothing down.

I like to finish my massage with gentle tapping all over face, neck and upper chest and a smile.

How often do you do facial massage?

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