Sunday, 7 December 2014

November Beauty Haul: Lavera, Radox, Nivea and more...

Amazing how time flies, soon is December and a New Year. I wanted to share with you my beauty buys this month and review my new natural conditioner.

Here are what I treated myself with in November.

I mentioned in my hair care routine that I want to give another chance to a natural conditioner. This time I decided not to break a bank and choose something affordable, but still with a good ingredient list. I settled on Lavera Colour and Shine Conditioner, It costs £5.95 and you can get it delivered for free in the UK. 

I bought it in the beginning of the month, so I can share my first impressions with you. Lavera Organic Colour and Shine Conditioner protects and cares for colour treated and highlighted hair. It has a very good ingredient list: you can find organic plant extracts and oils of Mango and Avocado in there. I like the scent of this conditioner - it is very light and fresh. 

I can tell you that you can feel straight away the difference between "not so natural" and a natural conditioner, absence of silicones makes it not as silky in your hands and on your hair. It took me few attempts to figure out how to use if to get the results I want. First use electrolysed my hair. I did research why did that happened, result - luck of moisture. So I started to add few drops of Lavender essential oil and it works just fine.

I will give Lavera Organic Colour and Shine Conditioner for coloured hair 4 stars out of 5. It isn't enought nourishing for my hair, but it has a natural ingredient list and a lovely fragrance. If you are looking for a simple natural conditioner for your hair, this one is a good choice.

This month seems was a busy one with shopping, I will try not to make this post to long.

Next beauty buy is Radox Relax showe gel as well in beginning of the months. I like this calming with lavender and waterlily gel, it lathers very well and leaves my skin soft and refreshed.

I decided to buy another bottle of Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make-up Remover. I think this is my third or even fourth bottle, read review in my November empties. Another beauty product I had before is Dove Pure roll on. I like that it has less nusty bits, but still works well.

I have slight obsession with soaps and this month I bought my favourite La Florentina in Iris Pallida. Smells so good! I realised that I haven't reviewed previous box of soaps for you, will try to do it this time. Keep checking my reviews page.

I got some make-up as well: MUA in shade 3 for contouring. My Bourjois bronzer is to dark now and I needed something lighter to try out. 

I had a true bargain when I bought Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance powder in shade 52 and Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix concealer in shade 51. I received a free gift Timeless Elegance (Smoky eye trio eyeshadow in Gris Dandy, Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara in black, So Laque Ultra nail enamel in Beige Glamour and Rouge Edition lipstick in Beige Trench). I am delighted with all and looking forward to glam up this festive season. 

Recently I had a trouble to dry my nail polish and was getting a bit annoyed with a spoiled manicure. I bought Instra-Dri from Sally Hansen to sort this out for me. Haven't have time to try it out just yet, will let you know soon, if it was worth it.

The last, but not the least I bought Vatika Naturals hair care bundle. Find out more about it in here.

What is your best beauty buy this month?

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