Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Natural Hair Oil Mix - DIY Beauty

Today I wanted to share with you my natural hair oil mix recipe. This nourishing and strengthening oil mix is easily made by yourself for a cold or a hot oil treatment at home. I love to use a hair oil at least once a week as a overnight treatment and I think this mix does a brilliant job. I used it three times already and I can tell you it is much easier to wash out than a mineral oil based hair oils I used before.

Natural hair oil mix

To make one of your own you will need approximately:

- 20 ml of Olive oil,
- 50 ml of Coconut oil,
- 20 ml of Avocado oil,
- 10 ml of Castor oil,
- 1 ml of Argan oil,
- 50 drops of essential oil, I am using Lavender (20 drops), Blended Rose (10 drops), Rosemary (10 drops) and Ylang Ylang (10 drops) essential oils.

You will need as well one empty and clean bottle or a jar for mixing and storing the oil mix and a kitchen scales to measure the oils.

Pour all the oils into the clean bottle, close the lid and shake to mix the oils well together. I warmed my coconut oil before pouring it into the mix, as you know it becomes solid in the cooler temperature. 

Don't worry if it will start to transform back into small lumps inside your oil mix, or settle at the bottom of the bottle. Just shake the bottle before use and rub the oil between your hands to melt the coconut oil before each application. 

Mind you, don't add to much of castor oil, it tend to be a bit sticky. I love castor oil, but I love it even more when it is mixed with other carrier oil.

Add the essential oils. I added bit by bit to find the right balance and fragrance I like. You can experiment here with your favourite essential oils. Read about properties of essential oils I used, just click here. All carrier oils I used are rich in vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy and shiny hair. 

I will make a separate post about my carrier oils collection and their properties later on this month, so look out for it.

After adding all the essential oils you like, shake your bottle well and ta dah! Your natural hair oil is ready to be used.

I have medium to long hair and I use approximately 20 ml of hair oil mix for one application. I start with the scalp, massaging the oil in and then I apply the rest on the length of my hair. I tend to leave oil in my hair over the night, but 30 minutes under a warm towel will be more than enough if you don't want a messy pillow.

Share with me which essential oils did you use to make your own oil mix in the comments bellow.


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