Monday, 3 November 2014

My Hair Care Routine - Autumn/Winter 2014

If I usually don't have any problems with my skin, I do have some issues with my hair. I mentioned in my water drinking challenge, that I am loosing a lot of hair. I don't know the reason, it could be my previous hair care routine, post pregnancy, stress or anything else. I started to make small steps to improve the state of my hair. My first step was: I started to drink more water and looked into my diet to find what is missing; the second step - I started to update my hair care routine.

I will make a separate post about nutrients and foods for a healthy hair, today I will just share with you my hair care routine.

My hair care routine autumn/winter 2014

Just a bit information about my hair: I have a long, light brown and fine hair which I trim every 6 months. I colour my hair mostly in the summer time, because sun tends to bleach them and they get a bit gingery and too light to my liking. So I use hair products for a colour treated hair.

I wash my hair every third day with a shampoo and I use a conditioner after. I don't like natural shampoos, because they don't fully wash my hair and I usually get dandruff from them. But I would like to replace my ordinary conditioner with a natural one. I am looking for something with a protein to give my hair needed strength.

But first, I would like to finish all my conditioners, so I have the time to research and find the right natural conditioner or/and hair mask for my hair. At the moment I am using Timotei Vivid Colour shampoo and Dove 60 seconds intense treatment as a conditioner. 

I do hair oil treatment once a week, usually I apply mix of oils and essential oils on my hair and leave it over the night. In the morning I just wash my hair as normal and use a conditioner to close hair cuticles. I will share my hair oil recipe with you in one of my next posts, look out for it!

I have as well TRESemme Keratin Smooth hair oil, I use two pumps on my wet hair before using a hair dryer and a half of the pump after I dried them. This hair oil keeps them smooth and easy manageable, and it has a lovely scent.

My new addition, KMS California Hair Play I got from October Birchbox. I am looking forward to keep my flyaway hair in control and maybe to try few hair styles. 

For hair grooming mostly I use a hair dryer and a wide brush. I try to leave my hair to dry naturally as often as I can, but if I need to go out or to work I will use a hair dryer to blow dry them faster and make my hair look good. I don't know how it is with you, but when my hair dry naturally they look like not combed and a bit messy. So I end up putting them up and I like to keep my hair open as often as I can. 

I have other styling brushes and a hair straightener, but I hardly use them. I like soft hair bands and I have few cute hair pins, I use them once in a while. 

What is your best hair care tip?

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