Thursday, 6 November 2014

My First Focus Group Experience

Yesterday I participated in a market research for one skincare company. It was my first focus group experience and I had a great and interesting time. Because it is related to the skincare I thought to share my finding with you.

I met five gorgeous ladies of various ages and of various profesions: from a manager to an artist. Majority of ladies were not happy with condition of their skin, but I can tell you all of them looked great and I would never thought they have any problems at all.

All six of us have an established skincare routine and majority are loyal to the products and brands they use. It is amazing that when you reach 26+ you don't want to waste your time and money on all those beauty products on the market and you already know what works for you and you just support your knowledge and change only things what need to be change. Like if you need to address some kind of skin problem, be it fine lines, break out or an irritation. 

It was fantastic to meet people so different from myself but in the same time so close in approach to the skincare. Ladies and gents without considerations of your age, status in the society or job you do - skincare routine that is the main focus to simplify your life and have more time to do something else with your free time. It is good to know what works for you, but the hardest is I think to stick to your choice and don't be tempted with the rest on the beauty market. Some of ladies I met yesterday already mastered their ignorance, some don't even bother, but some like me never sure that what I have is the best.

Whatever is your budget or needs I am sure you can find what is the best to suit your skin! Maybe that why I started to write a blog, to visualise my thoughts and make it easier to find the best options for myself. I hope what I do is helpful to any of you out there who is in the same dilemma as I am in.

Have you had a focus group experience? How it was for you?

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