Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Skin Care Essentials - Stress Management

I wanted to continue skincare essential topic and to have a chat about stress management. Being able to deal with events as they happen without getting stresses, taking things in your stride, and keeping emotions and relationships in perspective are all part of a healthy approach to life. 

Any life-changing event, even a happy one such as a birth of a baby or a new job, can be the cause of stress. Ladies and gents stress is a normal response and a necessary reaction to many physical and mental challenges. It is only when demands become too much that the stress can be harmful to the body and mind.

My current biggest problem is I try to fit too much into each day. We all have 24 hours a day, so why some people are able to complete everything they want and some aren't. I will tell you one thing, if you are just like me and running against the time, you need to prioritise your workload. I know it can be easier said than done for many women who are juggling the need of children or elderly parents, or both, and other domestic issues along with the demands of a job outside the home. Let not forget men, they have their own workload to handle every day and try to manage private and work life.

If aiming for perfection is the problem for you, it is worth trying to strike a balance. You may take pride in having a spotless house, for example, but would it not give you more pleasure to spend time with someone you love rather than concentrating on the household chores?

If it is your job is causing you the most concern, don't brood on what you see as your failings, but ask for help. Sometimes even a job you have been doing for years can suddenly become stressful, because there has been a change of personnel or there is a threat of reorganisation or redundancy.

Approach your immediate superior or the human resources manager and tell him or her about your concerns. You may be surprised to hear that the company views you as a valued member of the workforce, but if there seems to be a gap in your knowledge, perhaps with regard to new technology, request some training.

Too much stress does not always relate to excessive commitments. Having too little to do can be stressful as well. If you find yourself in this situation find out which organisation would welcome your help as a volunteer and appreciate your contribution. Hobbies as well are great to fulfil days with positivity.

My three ways to reduce stress:

1. Talk: learn to tell other people when you are worried and upset.

2. Walk: a brisk walk every day resets your mind and alleviates stress.

3. Be kind to yourself: a massage here, a flower show there and stress will float away.

What are your ways to reduce stress in life?

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