Sunday, 26 October 2014

October Beauty Haul: YESto Blueberries, Nature Riche, Crabtree&Evelynand Savonia Paris

October is about to end, it was my pampering birthday month and I got some new beauty buys to share with you.

As you know I were searching for a serum to try, plus my Nivea face cream and my A'kin eye cream ran out, so I decided to buy a full complex for my face. I got a daily moisturiser, an eye firming treatment and an intensive skin repair serum from YESto blueberries brand. It is a natural make from California USA.
I am using YESto daily moisturiser and eye treatment in the morning and the repair serum with my Nivea night cream and eye cream in the evening. Check my autumn skin care routine for more details.

I am a big fun of turmeric Vico cream, but couldn't find one with a sandalwood oil. For some unknown to me reasons all Vico cream on a high street I went were without it, so I decided to try a different brand. I bought a turmeric cream from Nature Riche. It is Ayurvedic cream for a clear and even toned skin. I usualy apply it when I feel is needed over the night, just as a night cream.

I love a good soap, this month I got Savon triple-fin Savonia Paris soap. It has a lovely fragrance, a little treat for the autumn days.

The last, but not the least Crabtree&Evelyn honey and peach blossom all purpose balm. Smells like honey, just couldn't resist it even I like to make my own lip balms.

What is your favourite beauty buy this October?

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