Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Nail Care Routine and Nail Polish Haul (ESSIE)

Today I wanted to share with you my nail care routine. Being a mum of 13 months old boy, I keep my nails short and not always use a nail polish, but I try to keep my nails and hands groomed and well nourished.

Here is what I have in my nail care box:

Nothing special to say about nail trimming tools, they are just basic items all of you I think have in your nail care box.

As you see I have argan oil here, I use it to soften and nourish cuticles. I didn't add any hand cream here because I just use any body moisturiser I have at hand or oil.

Once in a while I do overnight treatment for my hands and nails. I apply moisturiser or oil on my hands, massage them, put on cotton gloves and keep them on for a few hours or overnight.

You can see only 3 nail polishes in my nail care kit. Well that is because recently I did a very big clean up and discarded any unworthy nail polishes I had. These three I am happy with, because they don't leave streaks and have a good lasting quality.

I bought few more shades recently from ESSIE. I did online research about a good nail polish and ESSIE is one of the brands beauty bloggers recommend. Hope to enjoy them, let me know which nail polish make do you like?

Here what I bought (I will post swatches as I use them): 23 - Eternal Optimist, 47 - Sexy Divide and ESSIE all in one base + top coat + strengthener.

I believe it is important to look after your hand and nails because they give the first impression of you as a person and they show your age too. I plan to make a separate post about hand spa I do once a month and self hand massage to keep your hands in tip top condition.


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