Monday, 20 October 2014

My Cosmetics - Autumn/Winter

Today I wanted to share with you my cosmetics and what do I usually use for my daily make-up. I will separate items for face, eyes and make-up brushes. Like everything else in my beauty routine, I don't use many products, they are just basics I need to make-up my face. 

Cosmetics for face:

Yes, I don't have a foundation! I prefer a light coverage, so powder is what I choose as a base. At the moment I am using Rimmel Stay Matte and it is in shade 003, Peach Glow. As you can see I am about to finish it, don't think I will buy it again. Just because I would like to try something else, cosmetics tend to last for me forever.

I promised myself not to buy any beauty product until I truly need a new one, so I tend to finish my stuff first.

I received sample of Rimmer BB cream in my October glossybox. I started to use it to try. It is lighter than foundation, but I noticed I need to use a brush to blend it well and set it with powder to make skin look flawless. This is 9-in-1 skin perfecting super make-up has lots of nice ingredients inside, they claim it as a beauty balm. My skin seems like it, no break outs or irritation, I will enjoy using it, but not sure if I want to buy one.

MUA makeup academy, Cover&Conceal is my first concealer to use. All my sleepless nights as a young mum resulted to buy one. I can tell you, it is cheap, but works well. I was worried that it will leave visible marks under the eyes, but no, it blends very well. I think I have it in a light shade. MUA surprised me! I use this concealer as an eye primer as well. Don't know if I will buy another one, I would like to try something natural to not just hide, but nourish skin under the eye.

Another MUA product I have is a blusher in shade Bon Bon. My first one too, lovely pink and looks fresh on my cheeks. I don't think I will need another at least for a year, that is shelf life of an open powdery cosmetics.

I started to watch YouTube and beauty vlogs about make-up and it seems contouring is a very important step. I can agree now as I started to use BB cream, without bronzer my face looks strange. You do need to put shade into your face to keep that natural look. I bought Bourjois Paris bronzing powder in shade 51. It looks like chocolate bar, smells nice and fresh, has a tiny bit of glint, but not to much, what I wanted. I am not a fun of the shimmer on my face. 

Cosmetics for eyes:

I love to do make up on my eyes! Here what I am using at the moment. I have only one mineral based eye shadow palette and it is from Sleek Make Up, I-Divine Au Naturel 061. I like these basic, natural colours! Only four shimmery shades, rest are matte. I use Bark shade for my eyebrows and Nougat as a highlighter. 

I have two L'oreal Infaillible eye shadows in shade 016, Coconut Shake and 020, Pebble Grey. These two is what I usually need to do my quick make-up in the morning before work.

I have two soft eyeliners Lavera in soft gray and 2True in brown. Lavera is a natural brand and I really like my gray pencil, plan to buy it again. I don't mind to use it on my eye water line to make my lashes appear thicker due to it natural ingredient list. 2True brown pencil I use for my brows if I am not using a shadow. I have Ellite pencil sharpener, love it - does job brilliantly!

I have two mascaras at the moment, Borjois Paris Volume Glamour in black and So Susan Flutter mascara in jet black. Borjois mascara is my old time favourite, if I don't know what to buy for my lashes, it will be my first choise always. Love the brush, soft and not plastic, gives my lashes lovely natural volume. So Susan mascara I received in my October Glossybox, I like it, but don't think I will buy it. Nice brush, but a bit on a harder side, gives length to lashes. Mascara formula is good without offensive smell and not too liquidy. I can recommend it if you like lengthening mascaras, it is nice!

Make up brushes:

My recent love - Ecotools brushes, I have domed bronzer brush and skin perfecting brush. They are so good and soft on the skin. I wash bronzer brush once a week and it doesn't shed anything so far, very pleased with it. I use this brush for powder, bronzer and my blusher. Skin perfecting brush is perfect for a concealer, BB cream and a foundation.

I have three brushes for eye make up: Revlon eye shadow blending brush, QVS eyeshadow brush and Revlon two sided brush for perfect smoky make up. I use this doble sided brush daily, to smudge my eyeliner and set it with a shadow, small angular side is perfect to make a line or to do eyebrows.

I have here as well eyebrow comb/brush and a tweezer.

Here are all my cosmetics I use and brushes. Hope this post will be helpful for you, if you are planning to buy basics for a daily make-up.

What is your must have in a make-up bag?

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