Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Skin Care Essentials - Skin Protection

I believe in a natural, consistent and disciplined approach to looking and feeling good. 

The skin is amazing! To start with it is the human body's largest organ, it protects the other organs very efficiently, wards off infections and toxins on a twenty-four-hour basis and performs a lot of other amazing feats.

Most of us are born with normal skin, but genetics and lifestyle choices can compromise our skin's well being as we age. We can improve the health and vitality of our skin by improving our personal habits.

Start with a dedicated skincare programme, a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fibre, face and body exercising, appropriate protection from the elements, adequate amounts of sleep and constructive stress management. I believe that making appropriate and consistent lifestyle choices is the key to looking and feeling good.

I have divided all my top skin care tips into six sections:

  1. Skin protection
  2. Nutrition and supplements
  3. Exercise and deep breathing
  4. Sleep and stress management
  5. Skin care basics
  6. Skin care secrets

Skin protection.

A good, daily preventative skincare regime is paramount if we want to maintain a healthy, glowing, youthful complexion. 

The skin is highly susceptible to many things, but the worst element it ever encounters is the sun. 

According to my research on the matter, the sun supercharges the normal ageing process dramatically. They rays of the sun unleash molecular mutants called free radicals. The sun's ultraviolet rays also wreak havoc on the proteins that would normally keep your skin smooth, flexible and strong. 

How many of us actually are protecting their skin from the sun?! Strangely enough and sorry for myself, I haven't used any sun protection cream on my face so far. I am about to turn 31 and started to notice that my skin has signs of ageing. It is amazing how this "ageing" creeps on you and one day you see tiny line here and there. 

I think it is time for me to get a sun protection for my face! Because neglect to protect skin from the UV leads to early ageing: dry, wrinkled, sagging, uneven skin, discolouration and an excellent chance of developing some type of skin disorder, which could include skin cancer. No, thank you!

It is time to be responsible for my own well being and:

  • Avoid the most harmful rays of the sun. Stay in the shade from 10am at least 3pm;
  • Always wear a protective layer of at least SPF 30 sunscreen to ward off ultraviolet radiation;
  • Always protect your face with a wide-brimmed hat and wear polarised sunglasses designed to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

I will keep you posted with my experience in my skin protection adventure!

What is your best SPF cream?

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