Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lovely Skin... in your thirties

As I mentioned before I am 30 years old and started to think more about my skin care. I want to talk about what we suppose to do with our skin as we enter thirties.

Your skin in your thirties. If you have protected your skin really well from the sun and other climatic extremes, it may be bright and blooming. But that is the exception: most of us notice some dullness as cell turnover slows. 

There is almost certainly some environmental damage in the epidermis; it may be invisible but reckless sunbathers will probably have sun spots; you might notice dullness, dryness and the start of significant lines.

With collagen and elastin fibres not working as efficiently, your dermis is likely to be losing some of the bounce-back. Stress can affect collagen formation so, if you are under pressure, look for ways to relax.

Products for your skin. This is the time to really boost your hydration outside and from the inside, so sip at least eight large glasses of pure, still water daily. If you are not drinking your water yet, why not to try one week water drinking challenge. You can check how I get on with mine, I will leave the link below.

The basic products you need for your face are cleanser, alcohol free toner, day moisturiser, night cream and/or oil, eye product, exfoliator and mask.

For your body, I suggest a rich top-to-toe body cream, as well as an all over body exfoliator/scrub to use in the shower once or twice a week - and, of course, sun protection for every bit of exposed skin.

I think cleansing and moisturising remain the most important activities. Choose a cream-based, soap-free facial cleanser to work in harmony with the skin's slightly acidic pH balance. 

Follow cleanse with a sweep of skin toner. Choose an alcohol-free formulation that won't overly dry or irritate.

Select your moisturiser according to your skin type. Before I would advice to choose a natural moisturiser, but I believe if even "not so natural" cream works for you - that what is important! What I try to say that product doesn't need to be 100% natural and pure to do you good.

Get into the habit of using an eye cream, as it will help to keep the finer skin around your eyes smooth: use daily for best results.

You can double up by using your moisturiser as a night cream, as long as it doesn't contain SPF. But if your skin is dry you might want to switch to a slightly richer night cream, or oil. The skin cells do more of their repair work whilst we sleep, so this is the best time for the cream to sink into the upper levels of the epidermis and moisturise.

Giving your face a once or twice weekly exfoliators pep up the skin by giving it an extra buffing and are ideal to use before applying a treatment mask. Choose a mask specifically for your skin type. Take both exfoliator and mask down on to the neck and upper chest for best results.

Apply lots of body cream daily, from chin to toes, as soon you have towelled dry after a bath or shower - it absorbs more easily into warm skin.

Here are the basic things you need to know in your thirties to keep your skin looking good and lovely. Plus remember to spoil yourself with a professional facial once in a while. Try to give yourself time to switch off and relax.

What are your tips to keep the skin lovely at any age?

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