Tuesday, 5 December 2017

SenSpa Relaxing Bath and Body

My boys recently treated me to this indulgent SenSpa bath and body set.

These travel sized treats were part of the toiletries in my hospital bag and I though they are wonderfully good not to share. SenSpa is packed full of organic ingredients that are kind to sensitive and dry skin. Organic lavender and essential oils of bergamot, patchouli and geranium are renowned for their relaxing properties. 

These little treats were perfect combination to indulge skin an allow post-delivery stress to drift away.

My skin felt clean, soft and beautifully scented. SenSpa formula is gentle enough and left my skin calm and pampered. When there is a lot on your mind, I love beauty products which take care of you without any extra though or fuss. 

Relaxing SenSpa is a wonderful way to indulge your body and senses.

Do you have a favourite from their range? I am looking forward to try something else from their range in the future.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Beauty haul: The Body Shop, L'oreal and Burt's Bees

Autumn kicked in in full force with grey sky and early evenings. 

Recently I had a bit more need to cheer myself up I think I have found a little beauty treat from The Body Shop  to add that a little something in my autumn days.

Moringa Softening Body Butter is deliciously soft, creamy and indulgently scented with Moringa. Beautiful consistency of body butter and fragrance lingers for some hours. I am usually a citrus fan, but this bold and catchy scent is perfect to uplift my autumn blues and transport my senses to warmer places.

I have paired body butter with Moringa Exfoliating Cream Body ScrubThe Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub has a creamy consistency with fine scrubbing bits, which smoothes and refines leaving skin soft and scented. The same delicious scent and it takes a good care of my skin in cooler month, leaving it soft. 

After my disappointment with Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, I went back to L'oreal Micellar Water. It comes in new large format bottle, 400ml and so far I am pleased with results. Read here review from L'oreal Paris.

My little man got another bottle of Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash to enjoy with. As I have mentioned in my recent beauty empties, it keeps his gentle skin soft and clean.

What are your late autumn beauty explorations?

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A big cosmetics clear out

Another beauty clear out left me with a small pile of new and unused cosmetics to dispose off. 

If you are following this blog, you know that I try to exercise a conscious spending approach, but it looks like my Glossybox "weakness" tends to leave me with things I don't really need. Being a blogger and a curious girl I do like to try something I wouldn't necessary buy and I do love to test new lines, but as you will see today still there is quite a bit, mostly make-up I don't have time to get my hands on.

I believe all of them are wonderful and I hope to find a caring and more appreciating home. This only proves that I experiment less with my make-up than skin/hair care. 

So, to make some use of all these and hopefully to gain something to buy a treat I really like, I have split items in to various groups and posted them on eBay for auction. You might still find some of them on my MWgift eBay shop. If they won't sell I am having a though to try the Shpock. It would be a shame to waste these cosmetics and I can't miss theis opportunity to explore a bit more of online selling. Have you used Shpock? What is your preferable selling platform for items to good to bin?